It can be seen everywhere these days “ Versailles ” literature , There is a sense of universal Versailles jio.

Versailles literature is also abbreviated " All learning ", It's netizens who are keen on suppressing before promoting , Question and answer or third person perspective , Inadvertently exposed " Clues to aristocratic life " Ridicule of people .



For the sake of your understanding , Take a few specific chestnuts :



So as a low-key group of programmers ,“ all ” What kind of scene is it like to get up ?


01. About computer equipment

I admire your computer. One screen is enough ,

We're different ,

Computers are dual screen ,

How annoying ~ It's all high configuration ,

A horizontal screen , A vertical screen ,

One is used to look up information , One for writing code .


02. About salary level

Just work 2 year ,

Now the income is average ,

Monthly salary 5 ten thousand , It's OK to be in the circle of friends .

Everybody likes to call me “X boss ”,

Actually, I don't like to be called that ,

It's too distant .


03. About programming language

I really envy you ,


PHP,Perl metropolis ,

I can't , I'll have one Java,

Although the boss said , I'm on my own Java You can fight the world .


04. About code

The program just written yesterday ,

Did the test say it was finished Bug,

The product will be available tomorrow ,

Oh, my God ~ I know

It's just a matter of time 5,6 The code of energy division ,

There is no such thing Bug, It's incredible !


05. On the expression of love

I've made my girlfriend unhappy recently ,

Because it's her birthday ,

I gave her a piece LONGINES Women's Watch ,

She complained about me : Why send this ,

I still like the fallen leaves on the Champs Elysees .”

Girlfriends have always been less materialistic ,

Blame me , Next time I'll take her straight to France .


06. About entrepreneurship

I'm so tired these days ,

The boss is always worried that I will go out and start my own business ,

What about people's trust ,

Is it because I came back from Silicon Valley ?

alas , That's all ,

Recently, more and more hair needs to be cut .


So this is the so-called Versailles literature ,

Huizhimei seems to have a taste of one or two ,

I also want to try , Please guide us :


How about Chengdu Huizhi power ?

That's it !

Where do they train IT Students coming out ,

The average salary is also very low 7,8K That's all !



about “ humblebrag ”,

Dear programmers, little brothers, ladies and sisters ,

Have you learned ?

Welcome to the message area ,

conduct [ Versailles ] Creation ~


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