<> SF front end interview

Shunfeng started as a psychological evaluation , It is mainly about the evaluation of mental health and personal character .
On the other hand, there was a friendly man , The whole interview atmosphere is very relaxed , Basically, let me speak , There are not many questions about the foundation and other professional aspects .

HR Mian is a little sister who loves to laugh , The interview atmosphere is also very relaxed , The content of the question mainly includes the previous internship , Career planning in the future Offer My choice , Plans for postgraduate entrance examination , Problems with girlfriends , At the same time also asked about the understanding of SF , The development of science and technology .

<> one side

* What do you think are your advantages in learning mathematics ?
* Talk about some of your specific development
* JS Common data types of , The difference between the two
* JS How to exchange the values of two variables
* call,apply,bind The difference between the three
* CSS Box model
* introduce flex The layout of ,flex What is the difference between layout and traditional layout ?
* VUE The life cycle of (mount and created What's the difference? , Where is the general access data )
* VUE How to achieve bidirectional binding
* GET Requests and POST What's the difference between requests
* What are the status codes that are often touched in the docking process
* Which professional course is particularly impressive , Why are you so impressed
* There are more and more directions for the front end , Which direction do you prefer to go
* Is there any special pit in the project
* What books are you reading recently ( Non technology related , It doesn't have to be a study book )

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