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3 month 3 day , Microsoft officially confirmed , Classic version Edge The browser will say goodbye to us next month .

To replace Edge browser , be based on Chromium Of Edge The new edition is constantly undergoing many optimizations , meanwhile , Microsoft is also accelerating the elimination of EdgeHTML Classic version of Edge browser , adopt Windows
10 The new version is fully activated by cumulative update Edge browser , Will be in 2021 year 4 month 13 The daily patch will be released on Tuesday .


Classic version Egde formal “ retire ”


Classic version Edge After retirement , Microsoft will put most of its centers in the new version Edge upper .

Once the device is deployed, the update is accumulated , A supported classic will be removed Edge browser , And install Chromium New version of Edge browser . new edition Edge Browser body provides built-in security and the best interoperability of Microsoft Security ecosystem .

The replacement of the old and new editions will be approved Windows
Update Automatic execution . This year 4 month 13 Day Patch Tuesday activity day , Not installed based on Chromium Of Edge Users of will install the browser , besides , Classic Edge It will also be removed from the operating system . If you have already installed
Chromium Browser driven , So in order to smooth the transition , Your Windows 10 The device will get one to delete the original Edge Updates for .

in other words , If you have two installed at the same time Edge browser , Then it can't be used at the same time .

This kind of gradual replacement is not uncommon in the updating of Microsoft products . Microsoft has said before , from 2021 year 8 month 17 From May , Microsoft 365 Applications and services will stop supporting Internet
Explorer 11,Microsoft Teams Also from 2020 year 11 month 30 Support will be suspended from the beginning of this year Internet Explorer
11. After setting these dates , Some users said that they passed Internet Explorer 11 Using Microsoft 365 Applications and services ,
The experience is not as good as before , There is even the phenomenon of not being able to connect to applications and services .

This phenomenon , The main reason is that Microsoft plans to reduce its functions , To speed up the elimination Internet Explorer browser . This classic edition Edge“ Exit ” In a similar way .


new edition Edge The update will automatically override the old version , Some users do not give up the factory version Edge


In fact, it's not the first time Microsoft has recommended a new version Edge The browser is ready . Many recommendation methods have been adopted before , We strongly recommend you to use the new version when pushing updates Edge browser , But there are still a lot of users commemorating the old version Edge No updates , In the new edition Edge At the same time of continuous optimization , These users still insist on the factory version Edge.

There are so many “ nail household ” User exists , Mainly because once it's updated Edge, The system will automatically override the old version ,
And the old one Edge Of PDF note ,Epub Better reading function , Many users are reluctant to update
. yes Surface The user said , Old edition Edge Web browsing is more power efficient than the new version , Lightweight interface for smoother mobile experience .

But Microsoft also said : new edition Edge Browser body provides built-in security and the best interoperability of Microsoft Security ecosystem . At the same time, for Windows 10 For enterprises on the Internet , It's better than Chrome More secure .

although Edge Browsers are about to be replaced , But because of its continued support WebView, So in theory , use EdgeHTML The application of will not be affected , Classic version Edge The created application can still run .

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