1,element-ui Place multiple pages on the same page table There may be a puzzle in the form BUG, For example, the table layout is out of order , Different forms cover each other , You can give it to me el-table Label binding
:key="Math.random()" solve the problem .
<el-table :key="Math.random()"></el-table>
key The special properties of are mainly used in Vue Virtual of DOM algorithm , In the old and the new nodes Contrast time identification VNodes. If not used key,Vue
A method is used to minimize dynamic elements and try to fix them as much as possible / Using the same type of element algorithm .
In addition, the use of lazy loading images , If the list changes and the picture doesn't refresh , You can also try dynamic binding key value .

2,element-ui There may be a problem that the border of the table is not displayed in the browser ( Not necessarily , There's a very small chance , But it's very annoying when it happens ), as a result of element-ui to table The label is set border-collapse:collapse; So the table borders are merged . Write a style border-collapse:separate; Just cover it ;
.gladSo_table /deep/ table { border-collapse: separate; }

3, When element-ui When multiple box group and paging are used at the same time , Re render the page when paging is switched , The data selected on the previous page will be cleared . You can't be here el-checkbox-group binding change event , In its place el-checkbox Bind in change event , use $event Transfer whether the current operation is checked or not .
<el-checkbox-group v-model="classList"> <el-checkbox v-for="(item, index) in
classData" :label="item.id" @change="classDataChange($event, item)"
:key="index" >{{ item.name }}</el-checkbox> </el-checkbox-group>

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