Just sent away Valentine's day , The annual goddess's Day is coming . this year , Have you figured out what to do ?

   in recent years , The goddess's demand for the quality of life has been constantly promoted “ self ” Rising consumption ,“ She's economic ” Strong rise . rose , Chocolates , Movies and other cliches are no longer the mainstream melody of the goddess Festival .

   The goddesses born to the sun are changing and growing every day , Consumption structure and consumption concept are also changing . The goddess circle is no longer just talking about bags , Jewelry and other popular coffee , The addition of high-tech products satisfies their self needs , Self happiness is constantly improving .

   Have a little freshness every day , This is especially true on goddess day . Why not take a tour of Goddess festival full of technological trends ?

   This is the goddess's day , Huawei brings a different surprise .3 month 6 day -8 Date , Huawei offline stores provide three big gifts for girls across the country .

   Go to Huawei HES,HES Plus store , You can participate “ Goddess of sport Club” activity . We can not only complete the experience class under the guidance of professional yoga teachers , In the process of yoga experience , Receive and wear Huawei
Watch Fit Intelligent Watch , feel “ Private teaching on the wrist ” Professional guidance .

   After the activity class , You can also get your own health exercise data and detailed interpretation , Learn follow up health knowledge from yoga teachers . And the girls involved in the activity , You can get a gift for Goddess Festival .

   in addition , Huawei stores all over the country with smart screens , You'll prepare for one AI Fitness class . Through Huawei's smart screen AI Exercise show , Girls just need to be with their peers 60
We'll do it in two seconds 2 A challenge of fitness posture , You can get goddess exclusive coupons and roses , There are so many surprises .

   And Huawei stores all over the country , The staff will also lead the girls to the flower district , The bouquet is made by the florist , Through Huawei Mate40
On site learning with the projection function of Huawei smart screen , Hand finished, give it to yourself “ The gift of the goddess ”. Call your best friend , Pull up your boyfriend , Come to Huawei offline store to punch in .

   Huawei offline stores not only carefully prepared surprise activities , Many technology products have been put in place .

   This is the goddess's day , If you choose a gift for yourself , It can show the personality of elite women , All in one color , Smart phone for women , Huawei Mate 40 Pro When is the first choice . rely on
5nm unicorn 9000 Powerful AI Computing power and a new generation of super sense Leica lens , Huawei Mate 40 Pro
It brings a comprehensive upgrade of user experience for female users , It can not only improve work and social efficiency , And it's a blockbuster when you shoot it , Keep yourself the most beautiful and healthy .

   Usually like to wear a watch goddess , Choose one HUAWEI WATCH FIT perhaps GT2 Pro
Intelligent Watch . On the basis of our sense of Technology , Through the design of the watch strap , clock dial , More exquisite structure creates the exclusive symbol of exquisite fashion group visually .

   in addition , Women's physiological cycle management function , The length of menstrual period can be obtained , Cycle length calendar and cycle prediction , Let female users know their menstrual health like the palm of their hand , At the same time, it also adds the function of menstrual reminder and easy pregnancy reminder , Help the goddesses who plan to have babies to better manage the physiological period , Help to prepare for pregnancy .

   Office white-collar elites are most suitable for Huawei MateBook X Pro. visually attractive 3K Industry leading screen definition , Exquisite fuselage, first appearance , It's hidden 11
Generation core's surging performance , It also supports putting the mobile phone on the screen , The ability of multitasking is greatly improved , Support to open up to 3
Mobile Apps , There is no need to switch between different devices , Instead, you can focus on a single screen , Maximize the effectiveness of work , Bring efficiency 3 Times of wisdom experience .

   meanwhile , In Huawei 1+8+N Under the strategy of full scene intelligence , Huawei Mate40 series ,MateBook X Pro notebook ,MatePad Pro
And other products can be expanded linkage . Intelligent connection between multiple devices , Integrating intelligent life , Goddesses enjoy their leisure time at home , Or go shopping, sweep goods and cut hands , Or work communication to receive customers , You can feel the convenient intelligent life experience brought by Huawei's full scene intelligent ecology anytime and anywhere .

   For female consumers , Humanistic care and temperature brought by scientific and technological products , It's much bigger than the cold parameters . Huawei has been committed to technological innovation , And services to pass their own brand temperature to every consumer . This is the goddess Festival , It is another example of Huawei caring for female consumers , Through the power of Technology , Let the needs of every female user be met , Continuous improvement of happiness , Realize self-worth .

   of course , The surprise is more than that .3.8 Goddess price , Come to Huawei mall to enjoy the goddess's favorite package and enjoy the discount for a limited time , Limited amount of tripod self timer for full field photo printing , As low as 6 Fold up , Purchase of machine pumping
HUAWEI P40, There is also a lottery to win any national air ticket , Maximum subsidy for trade in 2318 element , Come and join us .

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