3 month 2 day , Tencent game's Tianmei studio group announced , Invited to join the “ play a game , Save the earth ” union , Become the first game R & D studio from China in the alliance .

   Tianmei's representative products include 《 Glory of Kings 》,《QQ Flying car 》,《 Mobile travel across the line of fire 》,《 Call of duty mobile game 》 And other high impact game products .

   according to the understanding of , We are invited to join “ play a game , Save the earth ” union (Playing for the Planet Alliance), It was launched by the United Nations Environment Programme on 2019 year 9
It was launched at the UN climate summit in June .

   The alliance aims to support the game industry to work together to enhance public awareness of environmental protection through the power of games . Other members of the alliance include Sony , Microsoft , Ubisoft ,Supercell And create a dream world .

   Tianmei promise , It will be in the future 12 Within six months , By creating experience and education inside and outside the game , Help more than 1.1 100 million players better deal with climate challenge . That's the number , amount to 2020
Total number of players covered by environmental protection activities of the whole alliance in .

   Tianmei will join the “ Green game creative plan ”, Looking for innovative ways with global game companies , Empowering players on climate change issues . in addition , Tianmei also promised to continue to explore how to reduce its own carbon emissions .

   United Nations Environment Programme 2020 Published in 《“ play a game , Save the earth ” Influence Annual Report 》 It is pointed out in the paper ,“ If you have millions of monthly active users , Your influence will be greater than your own .”

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