According to foreign media reports , Sunday local time , Microsoft co founder Bill · Gates (Bill Gates) Interview with media , He warned that it may be a long time before the epidemic completely returns to normal life 2022 end of the year .

   The third new vaccine candidate approved by US regulatory authorities has just come out , Gates called the rapid development of vaccines a challenge “ miracle ”, It should help Americans recover as early as this fall “ Almost normal ” My life , Including the reopening of almost all schools , Restaurant reopened , The spectators of the sports match return to the scene .

   But he warned , Global legislators have not done enough , To ensure that the economy will return to normal by the end of next year . He added , up to now , vaccines “ It's just going to rich countries ”, This leaves the possibility of new coronavirus variants spreading abroad , And the risk of a comeback in the United States .

   Gates said , Increasing vaccine factories in countries such as India could help reduce the risk of infection overseas , And help the world get back to normal faster . third person , Vaccine manufacturer AstraZeneca (AstraZeneca), Novartis (Novavax) And Johnson & Johnson (Johnson&Johnson) Such projects are already under way .

   But Gates said :“ Unfortunately , At the beginning of the outbreak, the center for Disease Control and prevention had a slight lack of response ( That is, the early testing of the epidemic is insufficient ). Even worse , The same is true of vaccines . But in America , The supply of vaccine will not be too limited for about three months .”

   National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) The researchers at 1 A study conducted in may found that , If vaccines don't reach emerging markets fast enough , The global economy could suffer 3
Trillions of dollars in losses , Developed economies such as the United States are likely to face a higher impact .( Little )

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