I'm old , The workplace often encounters the response of human resources :“ brother , You are too old ”,“ Leaders ask for recruitment 37 Under age ”,“ Most of us are 90 after , post leader Also just 87 Of ”,“ sorry , The positions are not very matched ”,“ unfortunately , There is an age limit for this position , Hope to find satisfactory job opportunities as soon as possible ”…;

In the enterprise , Younger leadership , We need to support it , Highlights . After all, young people are the pulse of the times , Have the thought of being close to the social progress ; But employees can't be completely younger . The story of Monk Tang's pilgrimage to the West tells us , Tang Seng, a young leader, still needs the help of old employees , Like the monkey king 500 How old are you , There are also older Zhu Bajie and monk Sha . For the young leader Tang Seng , He just needs to have “ Go to the west to learn Buddhist scriptures ” This idea is OK , This is the monkey king , Zhu Bajie , Sand monk they don't have ; Because the monkey king only wants to be an official , Zhu Bajie just wants a daughter-in-law . Tang Seng as leader , Unwilling to walk , There are white dragon horses ; Can't subdue the demon , There is the monkey king , There is Zhu Bajie to relieve his depression , Monk Yousha takes pains to carry luggage ; Monk Tang seems to do nothing , But the team management is in good order , Let every employee give full play to their strengths , Finally, I will lead you to achieve the right result , It has achieved the goal of learning from the West . But if Tang Monk subdues the demon , Do everything by yourself , Let the monkey king , Zhu Bajie , Monk Sha has nothing to do , I really don't know if Tang Monk can learn from the Scriptures like this . Xiang Yu feels that he is a leader who does things by himself , Han Xin, the God of war, has nothing to do under his command , Han Bang finally ran to the account . If a young man with ideas becomes a leader , When he wants to achieve a goal of keeping pace with the times , If an old employee is present , It will appear “ I dare to make a speech , There is a pit ahead , How to avoid ” The phenomenon of , Because in theory , Most people have the same IQ , The pit that an old programmer stepped on when he was young , Young people today , Without the guidance of old employees , I have to step on it again , Step on it again , Step on it again , Important things are to be repeated for 3 times ! So in the team , There are older employees , Will let the leadership to achieve the goal of the road less detours , Reduce manpower , material resources , Financial losses, etc , And young employees give full play to the advantages of young people ,“ to attack cities and capture territories ”, Win the battle . This is really a model of collocation for all ages . Such as King Wen of Zhou in history , The combination of King Wu of Zhou Dynasty and Jiang Ziya , It's a good example for young leaders and old employees . This is the case , at all times and in all countries , There are so many .

What is it “ Standing on the shoulders of giants ” forward , In fact, to put it more clearly , Be more practical , namely " Standing on the basis of elderly employees " forward . Only such enterprises can succeed “ to ” Open up .

I mentioned the importance of older employees in the team , But how do older employees join the team ? This problem remains to be analyzed , For example, the team of four Tang monks and disciples , This team can be said to be a project group in the enterprise , Tang Seng as a young leader of a project team , He will take the initiative to choose the older Monkey King , Zhu Bajie , Is monk Sha a member of his team ? This question is worth pondering . But there's one thing we know , stay 《 Journey to the West 》 in , Project team member Sun Wukong , Zhu Bajie , Monk Sha was not chosen by monk Tang himself . So in the real world , How to give opportunities to older employees , Let older talents serve enterprises , Give full play to the advantages of talents of all ages , It's a very important subject .

So as an enterprise , Or to recruit talents , It's better to get rid of age prejudice !

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