Project Manager :“ How do you measure it , Why is such a simple problem not detected ?”

He was silent , The trees are silent .

He gazed at the floor , As if in meditation .

For testing , It's normal to carry the pot .

Now that it's been tested .

If you find a problem .

The first reaction is naturally the pot of testing .

After all, it's the last step in project delivery .

There are ways to change people's views ?

No, . Can only accept .

Then he can't do anything ?

no .

What can be done ?

Pass the buck .

Test if the back pan is a lock .

He has found the key to the lock .

This key is a sword .

The sword pierced , What kind of power is it !

The project manager seems to feel the power .

Can't help but back two or three steps .

Project Manager :“ you , you , Why don't you talk ?”

He spoke , Confident and indifferent .

He said :“ Let's fix the cause of the problem first .”

The Kung Fu of a stick of incense .

He was in a good mood , Avenue :“ I asked this question , Development has not changed .”

He took it out Bug single .

irrefutable evidence .

There is no refutation .

The project manager said with a bitter smile :“ What happened? ?”

The developer said he didn't know about it Bug.

This is the man of the world .

People of the world , You can shake the pot !

People in the world , Isn't Ben like a fallen leaf in the wind , Duckweed in the water ?

He laughed . He's really laughing .

But what was in his heart ?

Who knows ?

He blinked , Avenue :“ I'll show you the priority and severity in the future .”

Failed to throw the pot .

Throwing the pot is likely to fail .

But don't shake it off , How to know success or failure .

Cold winter .

The grass bag behind the hillside has declined .

There is a wind blowing by .

A leaf fell .

He looked up , gaze skyward .

Feel the light of the sun .

He hopes to have a chance , Shake the pot again .

Soon the opportunity came .

It's online again .

Project manager again .

It's the same thing again .

It's the developer again .

I don't know .

Old fried dough sticks are old fried dough sticks .

His adrenaline soared .

It's like a seizure .

The anger inside suddenly turned into powder .

It was blown away in an instant .

He looked at his greasy face .

I suddenly feel a little sour in my heart .

Will it be the same in the future .

But his worries were superfluous .

He'll meet better developers .

He said coldly :“ What I wrote was Highest, So is grading P2.”

Development road :“ Is it? ? no .”

Trying to make a final struggle .

The project manager went over and took a picture of the development .

Project Manager :“ It's your problem , I'm not allowed to leave work until I finish my work today !”

He turned pale :“ Why do I always get hurt ?”

Testing is not the back of the pot .

How to throw the pot cleverly .

It is worth studying and learning .

Tell the truth , Make sense .

Don't be emotional .

It's easy to say , It's hard to do .

that day , Developing the way of smiling ,“ You're not talking about it Bug!”

He did not speak again .

But his people have already moved .

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