A few days ago , Purple rice company issued an apology announcement , express ZMI 33W Gan charger , Unable to be listed on time due to force majeure , Specific date to be determined , The update progress will be reported to you in time , Hope to understand and understand .

   This is what Zimi said 33W Gan charger originally scheduled for today (3 month 8 day ) On sale , The price is 79 element .

   It uses gallium nitride (GaN) texture of material ,GaN It is the third generation semiconductor material for the development of microelectronic devices . It's as big as it is iPhone Original 5W Charger , Known as “5W volume ,6 Multiple performance ”.

   Compared with Xiaomi, it's normal USB-C 33W Charger , Volume reduction 56%, Same speed , Half the size .

   Minimalist design of bright shell , Low key and simple , Small and portable , Easier to carry out , One can meet the needs of business travel .

   purple rice 33W Gan charger mini have 33W high-power , Can be Redmi K30 Supreme commemorative edition provides charging power comparable to the original charger ,58 It can be recharged in 30 minutes
100%,57 Minutes full of millet 10.

   Can be Redmi K40 provide 33W MAX rapid charge , It can also be iPhone 12 Provide fast charging ,30 Minutes to go iPhone 12 charge 60%,1
hour 50 The battery can be recharged in 30 minutes 100%.

   Can be iPad Pro Provide fast charging ,1 It can be recharged in 24 hours 65%; It can also be Switch Provide charging power comparable to the original charger ,1 It can be recharged in 24 hours 55%.

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