“ No decision , quantum mechanics .” In fact, this sentence reflects the unfathomability of quantum mechanics from one side , But it does lead us into a very different world .

   recently , Scientists in Scotland made history , We got the first real picture of quantum entanglement !

   Does it feel ordinary , There is no mystery ? exactly , For ordinary people, such photos have little meaning , But for scientists , It opens a new door .

   This particular image shows the entanglement between two photons , They share each other's physical state in a very short time , The two fuzzy grey patches are the interactions between particles .

   To go a step further , What's shown here , In fact, it is the composite result of multiple photon images , Because they go through a series of four sets of phase transitions :

   In order to take these pictures ,
Scientists have invented a whole new system , In the so-called “ Non conventional object ” Destruction of entangled photon flow in quantum mechanics , It's splitting the entangled photons , And make one of them go through β- Liquid crystal materials of barium borate , Continuous trigger phase transition , At the same time, we capture the moment when the entangled pair experiences the same phase transition , Even if it doesn't go through the liquid crystal material at all .

   This is the first time that we have seen the phenomenon of quantum entanglement intuitively , And it is the foundation of quantum mechanics .

   This is the result of the study , It is expected to greatly promote quantum computing , The development of quantum communication , And bring new imaging technology .

   Quantum entanglement (quantum entanglement), When two particles become inseparable , No matter how far the distance is , One of them has changed , Will immediately affect the other .

   This concept was first proposed by Einstein , But he thought it was incredible , Call it “ The specter of hyperteleoperation ”.

   after , Physicist John · Stuart · Bell defined quantum entanglement , And established “ Bell inequality ” Inspection mechanism . If quantum phenomena violate Bell's inequality , It can be considered that there is quantum entanglement .

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