1. Pessimistic lock and optimistic lock ? Optimistic locks are only suitable for read but not write operations , Pessimistic locks are suitable for read and write operations , But read and write operations can increase CPU Cache failure rate of . 2. Database optimization
Reasonable design table structure , Building a search engine . Read write separation : Sub database and sub table , Use caching . 3. about Laravel API Authentication system Passport oauth
User login authorization layer , generate token. Passport::routes function . This function registers to issue an access token and revoke it , Route required for client and personal access token
Laravel Core code learning --HTTP kernel kernel class Bootloader group Including the completion of environmental testing , Configuration loading , exception handling ,Facades
register , Service provider registration , Start the six bootstrap programs of the service Laravel Custom verification $this->validate($req ,[ ' Fields to be verified '=>' Validation rules ', ]);
What is a service provider ? Service providers are all Laravel Application boot Center , Laravel
Core server of , Register service container binding , event listeners , middleware , Route registration and our application are booted by the service provider . IoC What is a container ? Laravel
The service container in is a tool for managing class dependencies and performing dependency injection 4. about ThinkPHP frame D and M The difference between a watch and a watch
M Method does not need to create a model class file ,M Method does not read the model class , So automatic validation is not valid by default , But it can be realized by dynamic assignment D Method must have a create model class
5. new edition PHP What more performance try…catch Add multi condition judgment , more Error Errors can be handled as exceptions Scalar type declaration Return type declaration Combining comparison operators (<=>)
6. How to deal with high concurrency Use caching Database optimization load balancing 7. What is? csrf and xss, How to prevent it
csrf It doesn't get users cookie Of , and xss It's getting users cookie Of , From this point ,csrf It's easier to invade . csrf It allows users to access links sent by hackers themselves to guard against CSRF
The following rules can be followed : Get Request not to modify data Prevent third party websites from accessing users Cookie Prevent third party websites from requesting interfaces Request with validation information , For example, verification code or
token Anti grab bag use HTTPS(HTTPS It passed HTTP To transmit information , But the information goes through TLS
The protocol is encrypted .) replace HTTP, Encrypt the transmitted data , such , When the requested information is captured by the packet capture tool , The submitted data cannot be modified .

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