Teach you to configure your own PYcharm Interface color style ,PYthon Necessary for learning GO

The first step , Change to a dark background , Protection of eyesight

PyCharm The default background is white , It's dazzling . It's better to change to dark color , And it's cool .

Modification method : get into PyCharm,File ==>setting==>


Appearance&Behavior ==> Appearance, Found on the right Theme One , change into Darcula.



Step two , Modify font , A better font

Modification method : get into PyCharm,File ==> setting==>Editor ==> Colors & Fonts ===>
Font, Right side Schema You can choose font configuration , Recommended here Monokai. Below Primary
font Is the specific font used , But it can't be modified directly . You need to click on the top right first Sava As... It is a copy of the current font configuration , Then modify it on the copy .

click Sava As... after , There will be a pop-up box for you to confirm the name of the new font configuration , The default is Monokai copy, We directly OK Just fine .



The third step : Modify font size and spacing

On the basis of the second step , Select a font and adjust the size and spacing of the font . This can be set according to personal habits , I like bigger words , So the font size is 24, spacing 1.1.



Step four : adjust color

be careful ! This is the key step ! Other online tutorials , Only the first three steps ! I don't think the first three steps are perfect enough , Why? ?

Look at the picture below , This is a specific code example .



Is there a problem ?Python The comments in the code are gray in this topic , The keyword parameter of the method is purple , The two colors don't see clearly against a dark background ! It's not very serious , But since we have to change it , Just try to be perfect !

resolvent :File ==> Editor ==> Colors & Fonts ===> Python, Right panel found “Line
Comment”, In the rightmost column Foreground You can change the color . In the pop-up color selection box, you can choose the color , You can also input color value directly . Here I choose bright green .


same , By amendment “keyword argument” The color of the keyword parameter can be changed .

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