IT Home of 10 month 22 Japan news With the popularity of smart phones , Our daily life is almost inseparable from the use of mobile Internet , But did you find out , There are mobile phones ( Like apple iPhone) Mobile network is called mobile network
“ Cellular mobile network ”(3/4G network ), that , Why “ honeycomb ” What about it ? This week , The official microblog of China Mobile carried out popular science .

According to the official statement , The signal of mobile phone spreads in the air in the form of electromagnetic wave , When making a call from a mobile phone , It turns speech into a signal , And then in the form of electromagnetic waves , Send to the nearest base station A, base station A
After receiving the signal , And then it is forwarded to the base station covering the other party's mobile phone signal through the switch B, base station B Then send the signal to the other party's mobile phone , After receiving the signal, the mobile phone converts the signal into voice , So as to realize the communication between the two sides .

The base stations are arranged in honeycomb, which can cover a larger area

Mobile phone signal is transmitted between different areas in the form of electromagnetic wave through the base station , But the distance of electromagnetic wave transmission is limited , And gradually weakened with the increase of distance . So in order to make the signal coverage wide enough , You need to set up a lot of base stations .

The distribution of base stations is not random , In order to save cost , Maximize the use of resources , The distribution of base stations has been precisely calculated . We know that , The signal coverage of the base station is circular , How to get in a certain area , How about covering the whole area with the least circles ?

There is such a conclusion in mathematical calculation , That is, the plane is covered with a circle of the same radius , When the center of the circle is in the center of the surrounding hexagon , The least number of circles is used . Therefore, the coverage of base stations is hexagonal , There is a base station in the center of each hexagon , This is the best way to save resources .

IT The house learned , As a result of the formation of network coverage together , The shape is like a honeycomb , So it is called cellular network .

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