1.help: The most effective command


In fact, it can be said that , If you leave matlab Software , I think I can't do anything myself . What's the problem , Usually my first reaction is :help, Let's talk about what we're right about help Some of the common methods of it .

(1) Click the command window directly “help”, You can get it on the local machine matlab Basic help information for .

(2) For some orders that are not very clear , I only know the general scope , Like a toolbox , Type directly in the command window help
toolboxname, Help can get information about this toolbox : Version number , Function name, etc .

(3) Know the function name , Direct use help funname You can get the corresponding help information .


2. see also: The connection that cannot be underestimated

In use help At the time of command , Maybe it's because the direction we started to estimate may not be exactly right , What we are looking for is not directly given in the help information listed , But we must not ignore the list at the end of the help see


for example : I once met a problem of drawing an ellipsoid . At first, I thought this command function should be in the graph3d Given in ( By the way , only need help We'll see it when we get there mat-

lab\graph3d - Three dimensional graphs.) so , I'm back help graph3d, unfortunately , stay Elementary
3-D plots. I didn't find the function to draw the ellipsoid , But what I found was that see also Among them SPECGRAPH. Try it , I'm back help specgraph, This time in
Solidmodeling I found it in the library ellipsoid -Generate

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