5G It has been commercial for more than a year , But for now 5G The development of China is facing a lack of resources “ Killer application ” The question of , Some people think that the industrial Internet may be 5G Important application scenarios of , However, Boming technology believes that the industrial Internet may not be the Internet 5G The right scene .

For Industry , The first requirement is stability , low cost , current 5G It is precisely the lack of these two points .5G High frequency band is used , cause 5G The network is difficult to cover the channel corners , In order to achieve perfect coverage , In urban areas, it has to be increased 5G Construction density of base station , The environment in industrial production is particularly complex , In addition, there are various kinds of steel barriers in industrial production 5G The substance of signal radiation , Further increased 5G The difficulty of network coverage .

High cost is exactly what it is 5G Another major feature of , At present, the industry is clear 5G Cost ratio of base station construction 4G Higher , meanwhile 5G The operation and maintenance cost of the network is also higher than that of the network 4G, In particular, the cost of electricity is extremely high , So that operators have to shut down in idle time 5G base station .

Compared with 5G For , Wired broadband just has the advantages of stability and low cost . For industrial production , Production machines are often in a fixed position , This can be fully connected with fixed broadband , Even for mobile machines, they can be connected through fixed broadband through orbital motion , After all, all machines need to be connected to the power supply , In this case, it is not difficult to attach wired broadband to the wire .

For the imagination of the mine and other scenes , In fact, wired broadband is better than Internet 5G More appropriate . Mines are often underground ,5G The network is more difficult to penetrate , And with wired broadband add-on WiFi It can be laid at any time with the progress of excavation , And it can be laid at any time with the progress of excavation , Once the network signal is not needed, it can be removed quickly , Both the construction cost and the demolition cost are lower than the construction cost 5G The base station is much lower .

In addition, it should be noted that 5G The construction of base station also needs optical fiber transmission network , And in the pit of the mine 5G The network also needs to build the corresponding optical fiber transmission network , In this way, the construction of wired broadband in the pit environment +WiFi Compared with 5G The network is just a limited delay gap .

In the above scenario , For industrial production , Wired broadband ratio 5G It can be cheaper , stable ; For the mine environment , wired +WiFi It can achieve low cost , comparison 5G There is little difference in delay , And wired +WiFi comparison 5G There are many more advantages .

All in all , The industrial Internet is likely to fail to become 5G Killer applications of , The main reason is the cost , and 5G It can be done through wired broadband +WiFi realization , Hope to save with industrial Internet 5G It's not realistic .


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