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IAR harmonious
Harmony tool :IARkg_Unis.exe
---------1. Double click to open IARkg_Unis.exe
file . click ”Generate” Generate serial number , Each computer generates a different , Copy and save the serial number for later use , Don't shut down the registration machine .
---------2. Open the installed IAR Software ,IAR Selection in development environment ”Help”->”License
Manager” option , Select from the pop-up window ”License” -> “offline Activation”, Enter the previously generated serial number in the pop-up window , Choose next .

---------3. In the pop-up serial port , choice ”No”, Click next . In the pop-up window , click ”…”, Create a folder by yourself . be careful , Folder name should not be in Chinese . Click next . In the pop-up window , Click Next directly .
---------4. Don't close the pop-up window , because , This window needs to input the cracking file generated by the registration machine . At this time , We need to go back to the register interface .

---------5. Back to the registration machine interface , click ”Browse”, Selection steps 3 Files saved in the temporary folder in . click ”Activate
License”. Select a temporary folder , Storage of documents . If successful , There will be a blue one next to it Done word .
---------6. The file has been generated , And back IAR in , click ”…” Button , Select the harmony file generated in the previous step . Click next .
---------7. Already completed .

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