I'm a sophomore now , Plain and light , Write this blog In order to review the history of the University , Sum up the life of these two years , Write to yourself

19 The college entrance examination was held in 2000 , At that time, in order to go to school outside the province and to ensure admission, I applied for a general school , How to say, in the local two enrollment, in other provinces a kind of enrollment , So after I went, my college entrance examination score was the highest in our class and even in my major , At that time fantasy in such a school to get a scholarship when a class cadre what should not be a problem .

But reality has given me a big mouth , In the first semester of my freshman year, I ran for class cadres , It could have been said that it was a very stable thing, but I didn't choose it for no reason , But the reality is like a joke , Those behind me have become class cadres, but I am not . At that time, the mouth said nothing, in fact, the heart is really not taste . Then I thought that since the class committee was not appointed , So study hard , At least the results can't be bad . Maybe it's a change in the environment , There is a big difference between college life and high school life , Comfortable and stress free environment let me indulge myself slowly , Don't listen to class any more, and just deal with homework after class , Then I usually play games and mobile phones with my roommates in the dormitory , At the end of the term , Temporary cramming , Finally, I got a good result .

Then it came to the freshman semester , Just in time for the epidemic , In order not to delay the progress of learning , School unified arrangement at home online class , But because of their own binding force is not strong , And no one at home cares about me , A vacation plus a semester is so wasted , I didn't learn anything during that time , A waste of time . Finally, we wait until the beginning of school and go back to school for the final examination , Really stupid , Basically all subjects pass the pass line , It also caused my GPA to plummet . This is the year of my freshman year , In the final evaluation of the scholarship, there was a gap of two or three from the scholarship quota .

I'm a sophomore , Our teaching system has been changed into process assessment , To put it bluntly, the proportion of final examinations has become low , Pay attention to the usual performance . But it also makes it easier for us , As long as the daily performance of the normal play, even if the exam is not good, also can not pull too big gap .

Although I know in my heart that I should learn to improve my skills , But the actual actions run counter to my ideas , Serious study in class has become playing with mobile phones and sleeping in class , The daily promotion of professional knowledge turns into going back to the dormitory to play games and mobile phones , It's not easy to force yourself to work hard , As a result, three points of blood changed back to its original shape in a few days . A semester mixed under, the final result is mediocre . I think it's really a terrible habit , I know I'm falling , But I just can't control myself , Step by step, watch yourself get worse , And then he said that I've worked hard. Why haven't I been promoted .

Later in the club , Looking at the students who were similar to me before, they have mastered certain skills now , When you can be unique , I really feel bad in my heart , Also secretly determined to take time to improve technology . Then came the winter vacation of sophomore , At the beginning of the winter vacation, I made a study plan for myself : Learn to crawl , Learning data structure , Do the algorithm for the blue bridge cup to prepare and so on . So far , I want to say that the progress is a little slow , Although the daily brush down a topic every day , But data structure is just the beginning , I still have huge deficiencies in learning new knowledge , Laziness, laziness and playfulness have become a big obstacle to my study , From primary school to junior high school, from high school to university until now , I still didn't climb over , In the later study life , I want to learn to change this state slowly , Throw away your cell phone and pick up your book , It's hard , But how can you know your strength without forcing yourself .

In this semester , We have also conducted a selection of activists and outstanding League members , Maybe God is joking again , In the selection of activists to join the party , I'm going to go to the club , It was a sure thing , I didn't expect that the club application was blocked by the college , The club is facing dissolution, and my number of activists is gone , At this time, it's too late to participate in the class selection , Later, excellent League members were selected , I got it , It's the last one , Then the monitor told me that my quota did not exist , We only have one place ahead of me , It was really funny at that time , yes , God is joking with me again . I don't want to participate in such and such selection in the future , I'm really tired .
Having said the life since the University , I also want to talk about the future , As a person who doesn't want to , I want to go further , So I plan to take the postgraduate entrance examination , Go to a better university .
I often hear other people say that postgraduate entrance examination is very difficult , But if you can really invest your time and energy , It's enough to review and master most of the knowledge , The key is to really put it down , Put down the phone, put down the game , Let go of everything , Just like the previous college entrance examination ( Although I am playing in the college entrance examination ) equally . Some people say it's best to find a person who can work hard together on the way of postgraduate entrance examination , I've been thinking about that , Is it better to fight with others or to be on your own . This holiday, our club invited a senior from our school to Peking University , He told us at the time , The best person to review for postgraduate entrance examination , Working with others can sometimes affect your progress and energy . I thought it made sense , But think about it , What if you have a girl you like , And she also wants to take the postgraduate entrance examination , At this time, we should really think about how to deal with it .
in short , There is still one semester left for postgraduate entrance examination review , In this period of time, I still have to seize the time to improve the technology , Raise the level , After all, in the computer industry, technology still occupies the first place .

Write at the end : Don't let yourself down , It's really not easy to get to now , When you can't see the future clearly , Please go further .

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