Technology level of Baidu

Baidu has 4 ten thousand people , Recruit new year technical product personnel every year 1000 People around , The level of technical position is similar to that of Ali , Divided into T sequence 12 level , I won't go into details , Maybe Ali's level is reduced 1 or 2, It's the level of Baidu . Main focus T5/T6, rise T7 It's difficult ,T7 rise T8 More difficult ;T7 The above is generally not done coding It's over .

generally speaking , Waiting in Baidu 3 What year can I give you T5, A lot of people can't wait three years , The reason is as follows , It's from the club , It's usually the technical backbone of the outside company .T10 It's the technical director , About ten ;T11 He is the chief scientist .

Baidu salary range

Baidu salary structure : a monthly salary ×14.6(12+0.6+2), Monthly salary for other positions ×14,T5 The above are key positions , There are also stocks , option T5,T6 The highest proportion ,T8,T9 The higher the minimum proportion, the higher the level , The larger the width between each gear .

Common levels and definitions within Alibaba

P sequence = Technical post M sequence = Management post

Ali's non management posts are divided into 10 level , among P6,P7,P8 The largest demand , It is also the level where Ali accounts for the largest proportion .


Ali's level corresponds to salary

Ali salary structure : Generally 12+1+3=16 salary , The bonus at the end of the year is 0-6 Monthly salary ,90% People can get it 3 Months . Except for the salary , Stocks are also an important source of income , Ali's stock rights are exercised by years , commonly 4 I'll finish it in 2000 . Stocks are used by companies to reward employee loyalty , Therefore, Ali exercises rights by years , You have to prepare enough cash to cash out .

Technical level of Tencent

Tencent's rating and Alibaba / Baidu is different , Divided into T1/T2/T3/T4 common 4 level , Each level is subdivided into 3 Small class .

Employees are still concentrated in the middle , in especial T2.3 and T3.1

I want to start from T2 Across to T3, I.e. from 2.3 rise 3.1 It's very difficult

The relationship between Tencent's salary and rank

BAT Recruitment channels
Entry of new year students BAT: School recruitment channels

The process of school recruitment . It usually starts one year in advance , This year's students should pay attention to it BAT Recruitment official website and official microblog . School recruitment is managed by the group , Therefore, each business department can not recruit new students and interns at any time . Selection extrapolation . It's better to find a reliable one before BAT To be recommended by senior brother and internal colleagues , The advantage of extrapolation is that you can choose the Department to apply for , The pace of the interview is also faster .

Requirements of school recruitment .BAT Tend to recruit TOP Institutional TOP student , And professional counterparts , Of course, if the ability is very good, you can definitely come in . There are three requirements for competence , Excellent foundation , Good learning ability and have their own works , Normally , If these three points are satisfied, you can pass the interview . The interview process is resume screening + Telephone interview + Telephone terminal .

Social recruitment BAT channel

The process of social recruitment , You can attend almost every moment BAT Social recruitment , It's just that some departments may have head count Limitations of , You may not be able to apply for the Department at that time .

Let me take Ali as an example .

General Ali P6 The interview process of social recruitment is telephone interview ( Twice in different places )+ Initial site survey + Site resurfacing +HR interview , The higher the level, the more the interview process , The basic rule is that there are two more interviewers in each higher level .

Ali technical requirements

If you are a social recruit , Ali needs it very much P6 More than 100 talents :

Ali P6: Able to solve problems independently , Formulate the technical implementation scheme of the system , The assessment will involve some technical depth .

Skill requirements : Basic development related algorithms ,JVM, performance tuning , Framework proficiency assessment .. I will interview you , It's also about architecture design capabilities , Interview of operation and maintenance .

P7( technician ),P8( Senior technical expert ).. The stricter the assessment of the architecture is , Before the mastery of knowledge is skilled , The more you go up, the more you become proficient .

My suggestion

A lot of people ask me if I want to enter BAT, especially java I want to enter Ali .. What I want to say is ,BAT Recruitment is mainly divided into two categories : School recruitment and social recruitment , The rigid requirements of school enrollment are very strict , If your diploma doesn't work , I'll work hard and lay a solid foundation of knowledge , adopt 2-3 Project practice in 2000 , Then enter through social recruitment BAT, Social recruitment is also recommended first , Extrapolation doesn't work , In fact, you can also optimize the resume keywords , And official delivery channels , Enter relevant communities .. In short, there are many ways , As long as you have the ability , It's not hard to get in after working for a few years , The difficulty is whether you have a solid technical foundation .

more, Actually, right now TMD And so on, the demand is very large , Very eager for technical talents , Especially today's headlines .. It's developing very fast , The desire for talent is very high , A new R & D team has just been set up in Shanghai ( People are in great need ).. Enter such a fast-growing company , It's also a very good choice .

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