celebrate the Spring Festival , A lot of people get together with three or five friends to have a drink .

   But you know what ? In fact, drinking also has a lot of stress .

   Especially those who are taking medicine , Don't neglect it , I'm really young for the wine table .

   I often hear a saying , Cephalosporin wine , Say go and go ? Is it true or not ?

   Except for cephalosporin , What other drugs can't be taken with wine ?

   Today's article will make it clear to you at one time , For health , It is suggested to collect after watching ……

   Cephalosporin wine , Say go and go ?

   Cephalosporin wine , Say go and go ? Maybe a lot of people have heard that , But it's hard to tell the true from the false .

   Let's start with the conclusion ,“ Cephalosporin wine ” It does cause a disulfiram like reaction , Endangering life and health .

   If you drink alcohol and eat it “ Side chain of methionine tetrazole ” Cephalosporin , The acetaldehyde produced by wine can not be oxidized to acetic acid , Accumulation in the body .

   About half an hour ( Early date 5 minute , Slow words 1
hour ), Light person appears face or whole body skin flush , dizzy , headache , Flustered , nausea , vomit , Fever and other symptoms , Severe cases may have chest pain , dyspnea , Shock and even disturbance of consciousness , Incontinence, etc , Life threatening . That's what people say “ Cephalosporin wine ” Disulfiram like reaction induced by hydrogen peroxide .

   Some people will ask , If you take other drugs , Is it OK ?

   In addition to cephalosporin, what other drugs , Don't drink ?

  1, Not included “ Side chain of methionine tetrazole ” Cephalosporin :

   Such as ceftriaxone , Ceftazidime , There are still reports of disulfiram like reactions , It is also classified as a drug that can cause disulfiram like reaction .

  2, Other antibiotics :

   Such as metronidazole , Furazolidone , It can cause disulfiram like reaction .

  3, Cold medicine containing paracetamol :

   Such as Ganmaoling , Damage to the liver , Increased risk of liver failure .

  4, Antipyretic analgesics :

   Such as aspirin , Increased risk of gastrointestinal ulcer and gastric bleeding .

  5, hypotensor :

   Such as nifedipine , Can cause vasodilation , And then cause the blood pressure to drop excessively even shock .

  6, Anti angina drugs :

   Such as nitroglycerin , Causes vasodilation , Causes severe headaches , hypotension .

  7, Hypoglycemic drugs :

   Such as insulin , It can increase insulin secretion , It is easy to cause hypoglycemia .

  8, sleeping pill :

   Such as alprazolam , It's insensitive , lethargy , Even in a coma , Cause a drop in blood pressure , Shock and other serious consequences .

  9, antiepileptic :

   Such as phenytoin sodium , It will reduce the efficacy , Affect the control of epilepsy .

  10, Antiallergic drugs :

   Such as chlorphenamine , It can cause drowsiness and coma .

   of course , The occurrence of the above situation , What kind of medicine should I take , Dose size , How much do you drink , The interval between taking medicine and drinking , Personal metabolism, etc .

   therefore , It's best not to drink alcohol while taking medicine , But if you take the medicine , And inevitably drink , How to deal with it ?

   You can drink a few hours after taking the medicine normally ?

   As for how long to take medicine after drinking , There is no clear answer , It depends on the individual's metabolism of alcohol .

   Generally, alcohol in the body will be metabolized in three days , So drink for three days before taking medicine , Older people need more time .

   How long can I drink after taking medicine ?

   For drugs that cause disulfiram like reactions , It is recommended to drink alcohol after seven days , Because in general seven days after the drug will be basically metabolized .

   I accidentally drank wine after taking medicine , What should I do? ?

   Taking a drug that causes a disulfiram like reaction :

   Stop drinking immediately , keep warm , Drinking sugar water , Promote urination , Supine rest, etc , Patients with mild symptoms can be relieved by themselves .

   If there are more serious symptoms , If found pale , Sweating , Vomiting and other symptoms , You should call immediately 120, Simultaneous emesis , Remove vomitus and secretions from mouth and nose . Head to one side , In case of suffocation .

   They took drugs that did not cause disulfiram like reactions :

   Drink plenty of warm water , Honey, water, etc , Speed up urination , Make the alcohol out of the body quickly ;

   Eat more pears , a mandarin orange , Apple , Watermelon and other fruits , Promote the decomposition of alcohol ;

   Drink milk in moderation , Alleviate alcohol absorption in stomach , Protection of gastric mucosa ;

   Drink strong tea , Relieve acute alcoholism, etc .

   If you have serious discomfort after drinking , See a doctor immediately .

   You know, take medicine and don't drink , Drinking without medicine is the safest thing .

   What problems should we pay attention to during taking medicine ?

   Some families keep medicines on hand , Such as Compound Glycyrrhiza Oral Solution , Huoxiang Zhengqi water , Usually we often eat wine chocolate , Liquor-Soaked Crabs , Egg yolk pie , Fermented bean curd contains alcohol ; Or use alcohol to disinfect the skin , Cooling, etc , Use with some cephalosporins and other drugs , Both of them may cause disulfiram like reaction .

   For sugar friends , Avoid drinking on an empty stomach , In case of hypoglycemia , Long term can cause blood sugar to rise .

   For people with high blood pressure , A small amount of alcohol or drinking early blood pressure will be significantly reduced , Long term can cause blood pressure to rise . So don't drink if you can , I really want to drink , Each time Baijiu is the most. 1 two , Beer 1 bottle , red wine 1
Small cup , Half for ladies , No more than 2 second .

   Except avoid alcohol , Other things in life can also affect the effect of drugs .

   Such as caffeine in tea , Substances such as theophylline will interact with aspirin , Reduce efficacy . General interval after medication 2 Drink light tea in an hour .

   Enzymes in honey interact with paracetamol in cold medicine , Influence its antipyretic effect . So don't take cold medicine with honey water , It's better to keep the two apart 4 More than hours .

   So you know that , Cephalosporin wine , Say go and go , It's not a joke , Cephalosporin is not wine , Health in mind !  

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