Lei Feng net press , Apple's auto driving rumors continue. , There are two new news recently . First, apple suspended negotiations and cooperation with Hyundai Motor Group and its subsidiary Kia motor , The reason is said to be Apple's dissatisfaction with Hyundai's early disclosure of too much information . Second, Apple's previous talks with Nissan have been suspended , This time, the reason is that the two sides have differences on the brand of Apple electric cars , Nissan is worried that it will become  “ Foxconn in auto industry ”.

   Previously, there was news that , Apple is in contact with a number of Japanese car makers , This news has stimulated the expectation of the capital market , Toyota Motor Company , Mitsubishi and Nissan , Mazda and other stock prices have responded .

   Apple, though, has never officially announced Apple Car
Our plans , But judging from the current news , Apple's ambition for cars . In the report that apple and Kia are about to reach a cooperation , Korean media once revealed Apple Car Expected as early as 2024 Launched in .

   With the advent of software defined automobile era , Technology companies are playing an increasingly important role in the automotive industry . The frustration of failing to engage with companies like Kia and Nissan does not stop apple , Lei Feng net will make progress in Apple's self driving car in this article .

   The Titan project has long been planned

   stay 2014 year , Apple has set up a company involving cars “ Project Titan ”(Project
Titan), The plan brings together a lot of old employees , But also recruited a number of professional car building experience , It's going to cover everything from software to hardware .

   The plan is quite creative in many details , for instance , Apple has even considered reinventing the wheel . A team at Titan studied the use of ball wheels , Because the spherical wheel has better lateral drive than the traditional prototype wheel . The result of this development approach is , Unclear project vision , Planning variables . reach
2016 At the end of the year , Titan suffered a major setback , The team refocused on the autopilot system .

   The next few years , The project has experienced two changes of manager .2018 year , Doug, a former senior vice president of engineering at Tesla · Field (Doug
Field) Back to Apple , Took over the car project . At the end of last year , The leadership of the autopilot department is transferred to AI supervisor. John
Giannandrea, Will continue to develop Apple's autopilot system .John Giannandrea Yes, it is 2018
He joined apple as vice president of AI strategy and machine learning , Then he was promoted to senior vice president . Earlier , He is responsible for leading Google's machine learning and search team .

  2019 year 6 month , Apple has also acquired self driving shuttles and car kit startups Drive.ai, The whole team of the latter was incorporated into the Titan team .

   The autopilot reported average results

  2017 year 4 In May, a report by the Peng Bo News Agency pointed out that , Apple has started driving tests in California after applying for an automatic driving test license , At the time, Bloomberg also posted photos of Apple driving autopilot cars .

   Apple used Lexus to test automatic driving technology RX450h SUV
automobile , The car is also used by Google to test its automatic driving technology . All test vehicles have two drivers in the vehicle at all times .

   the other day , The California motor vehicle administration today released the new disengagement and mileage report of the automatic driving vehicle that the state is testing. , You can see the level of Apple's automatic driving .

   Another important indicator in automatic driving test is “ Detachment rate ”, That is, when complex accidents occur , Emergency intervention control by personnel on board , Get the vehicle off autopilot .2020
Year period , The total mileage of vehicles equipped with Apple's automatic driving technology tested in California is 18805 mile , What happened 130 Second detachment , each 1000 The breakout rate for miles is 6.9 second , Better than
2019 Of 8.5 second .

   But the two pioneers in the field of autopilot. ,Alphabet Under the banner of Waymo each 1000 The breakout rate for miles is 0.033 second ,Waymo
Our main competitors , A wholly owned subsidiary of general motors ,Cruise The ratio per thousand miles is also 0 0.033. Lei Feng thinks , Compared with the two , The result of Apple's autopilot is a little ordinary .

   about Apple Car The prediction of

   Apple from 2017
So far, it has applied for nearly 100 automobile patents , It covers autonomous driving , electric vehicle , In car software , body , Security and other aspects . Aspect of automatic driving system , Including hidden lidar , Recognition of traffic police gesture , Automatic lane recommendation , Using intention signal to guide autonomous vehicle near destination , And observe the psychological changes of passengers, adjust the driving mode of the vehicle and so on .

   according to CNBC Report on , Apple's first car will be a fully autonomous one , Designed to operate without a human driver , This suggests that it may not be sold as a consumer product .

   The report quoted a number of sources , Apple may be the first to enter the corporate sector, he said , Such as unmanned transportation, meal delivery vehicles and self driving taxi operation . After that , Gradually seek to transition into a personal consumption type of transportation products .

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