According to foreign media reports , Microsoft just translated and translated in Microsoft Office
The language used by the Inuit has been added to -- The support of Inuit . according to the understanding of , Now learning native languages like Inuit is becoming more and more popular in Canada , This adjustment of Microsoft should make it easier for students and others to access the language .

   With the help of the Nunavut regional government , Microsoft was able to add support for the language , And Inuit users cooperate with Microsoft to ensure the correct translation .

   President of Microsoft Canada Kevin Peesker He said at a news conference :“ We are very proud to work with the government of Nunavut , And learn from the Inuit .”

   Language specialist Nunavut Karliin Aariak express :“ Any new tool to encourage language use and learning -- In particular, Inuit is always popular .”

   This work will not only be implemented in Microsoft applications , It will also be added to Microsoft's Azure Cognitive Services Translator And Azure
Cognitive Speech Services in , This means that the language should now be available in other applications , Tools and websites are widely available .

   Minister of cultural heritage, Nunavut Margaret Nakashuk
Said at a news conference :“ For thousands of years , Inuit people speak Inuit all over the world . We keep the Inuit strong by adapting to change in our culture , The work is surprising .”

   Microsoft said , They think it will help protect the language and heritage .

  Nakashuk point out :“ Embracing new technologies is a perfect example of our resilience .”

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