2 month 8 On the morning of the 12th 9 spot 50 branch , along with G8305 The second Fuxing EMU starts from Xuzhou East Railway Station , To Lianyungang station , Xuzhou Lianyungang high speed railway officially opened .

   It's a sign , As our country “ Eight vertical and eight horizontal ” Lianyungang Urumqi high speed railway, the longest transverse channel of high speed railway network , The whole line was officially completed !

   Xuzhou Lianyungang high speed railway is one of the most important railway lines in China “ Eight vertical and eight horizontal ” The easternmost section of the land bridge from Lianyungang to Urumqi in the high speed railway network , It is also the last section to be opened to traffic .

   It is related to 2016 year 9 month 10 Zhengzhou Xuzhou high speed railway opened on August ( Zhengzhou to Xuzhou ),2010 year 2 month 6 Zhengzhou-Xi'an high-speed railway opened on August ( Zhengzhou to Xi'an ),2013 year 12 month 28
Xibao high speed railway opened on May ( Xi'an to Baoji ),2017 year 7 month 9 Baoji Lanzhou high speed railway opened on August ( Baoji to Lanzhou ),2014 year 12 month 26
Lanzhou Xinjiang high speed railway opened on August ( Lanzhou to Urumqi ) connect , Forming the whole length 3422 Km high speed railway passage , Across three time zones ( East six / Dongqi / Dongba ), It will provide strong support for the development of the new Eurasian land bridge economic corridor .

   Xuzhou Lianyungang high speed railway or Beijing Shanghai corridor , Important connecting line of coastal high-speed railway passage , Connecting Beijing Shanghai high speed railway at Xuzhou hub , Zhengzhou Xuzhou high speed railway , Xuyan high speed railway , Connecting the coastal high-speed rail corridor in Lianyungang , Lianzhen high speed railway .

   After the opening of Xuzhou Lianyungang high speed railway , Xuzhou “ rice ” Zigzag high speed railway hub opened 6 Three directions , Access to the whole country 25 Three provincial capitals , Lianyungang to Xuzhou 1 Hours , To Nanjing , Zhengzhou , Jinan 2
Hours , At the same time, Pizhou was closed , Xinyi , The history of no high speed rail in the East China Sea .

   After the operation of Xuzhou Lianyungang high speed railway , Except Xuzhou , The EMU trains are arranged daily between Lianyungang and Lianyungang 7 Out of the question , And Lianyungang , Huangshan North 1 yes , Lianyungang , Cangnan 1 yes , The initial operation speed is 300
kilometre .

   that , If you want to take the high-speed rail all the way from Lianyungang / How long does it take for the train to get to Urumqi ?

   query 12306 It can be seen from the official website , There is no direct train between Lianyungang and Urumqi ( Not in the short term ), You need to transfer at least once , It's the fastest 30 hour 30 minute .

   High speed rail first G2685 From Lianyungang to Lanzhou West , Duration 9 hour 55 minute , Break in the middle 9 hour 42 minute , Make a motor car again D55 From Lanzhou West to Urumqi , Duration 10
hour 53 branch .

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