<>2021 Schedule of American Games ( reference resources )

<> Competition time :2021/2/5 AM 6:00—2021/2/9 AM 9:00

2.3 We'll meet in the afternoon before the game , Take care of your own affairs , Division of preparatory work
2.3 Get together in the evening and have a chat ( Special period , The competition was held in different places , It is suggested to run in ahead of time , Adapt to work style )
2.4 Preparation before daytime competition , See the preparation before the competition for details , Remember to confirm at noon
2.4 Confirm all preparations in the evening , Everybody read again 2 A special prize paper ,10 Go to bed before midnight , Confirm registration information
* first day 2021/2/5 6:00~2021/2/5 9:00
PS: The competition time is in the morning 6 It's time to start , It is suggested to consider the routine of the players ,6:30-7:00 Meet the topic at the meeting place of the competition .

Change computer time to Beijing time ,word Set preparation for auto save
Log in to the system , Confirm registration information
6:30 Download and print your team’s Control Sheet and Summary Sheets
6:30 Download topic , Each person reads the topic once in an hour and translates independently , Search for translation on the Internet , Print out ( Convenient for subsequent translation ) Topic selection stage
7:00 Organize and translate , Determine the best translation , Print out ( Convenient for follow-up thinking )
7:20 Each of you will get a translated title , Find a corner to read the topic carefully . As for how much , It depends on your understanding , At least read 10
Times . Then take a pen and list the key words under each topic , Model algorithm . Seize every inspiration , Proper preliminary access to information , Extended thinking .
11:30 having dinner ( Thinking and understanding )
12:00 Group gathering , Discuss the understanding of each topic , algorithm , Model
13:30( Read the question again , Access to information ) Determine the topic
14:00 Get online , Collect information , At that time, China has released some reference materials . Direct download ! In addition, don't be restricted by the reference materials of mathematics in China , Collect them yourself , Do you want to go to the library alone ? Information search
17:00 Complete data collection , having dinner , Take a walk to discuss related information , algorithm , Model ( Don't give up time to consult information , More than half of the first day was spent looking up literature )
18:00 Start the discussion to determine the basic model and the preliminary model
21:00 There must be a basic model scheme conceived before
21:00 Start writing in Chinese , Model writing , With the help of references, the model is deeply considered , Simplify and optimize the preliminary calculation results
Write core code , Preliminary results of calculation
Preliminary calculation results were obtained before going to bed
* the second day 2021/2/6 9:00~2021/2/7 9:00
8:00 We're ready to go , Start rethinking the built model with the initial results , Review your method and rerun the results , Simplified model hypothesis ( constraint ) Demonstrate your hypothesis with the results of background research ( establish )
17:00 Before that, the whole team should complete the main part of the thesis , Consider how you analyze it , Test or research the background of the problem to support your conclusion ?
22:00 Before the completion of the main writing tasks and program code , Write the advantages and disadvantages of the model and the conclusion part , Once you write down the shortcomings of your model , We should try our best to improve it !
* on the third day 2021/2/7 9:00~2021/2/8 9:00
Carry out additional tests —— Try to revise your hypothesis and experiment with different parameters
Print the first draft of the paper , The whole team read aloud . Constantly revise, add, delete and Polish . We must get the complete results and complete most of the papers that night . If possible , Write the first draft of the abstract .
Focus on the compilation of papers
It is mainly used for writing abstract , Abstracts are crucial : For more than half of the teams , The abstract is the only part to be read .
Write the appendix of the paper , Include additional pictures , Forms and related codes . Sometimes spelling correction software is used ( as ,Aspell).
Brainstorm a good topic for your paper
* the forth day 2021/2/8 9:00~2021/2/9 9:00
morning 12 day , morning , Start to test the sensitivity of the model and optimize the model . The optimization model must account for one third of the papers . Have a good rest at noon , because 12 It should be a sleepless night !
17:00 The work of model optimization and sensitivity analysis must be finished , And the first draft of the paper , Including English translation !( One person translation , Give it to her 5 hour , Translation software assistant )
15:00 The typesetters began to set out the translated content , It can be arranged in chapters , Efficient use of repeat time between team members
17:00 Three people began to check the paper together , And put forward a variety of amendments , Check punctuation , Formula and so on , Pay attention to the gradual improvement of the abstract in the draft and first draft . That is to say, the first draft contains an abstract !
5:00 At least the first draft of your team's paper , It has been greatly modified more than three times ! Never use words chinese English. And finally check the punctuation , Formula and so on .
7:00 What you need to do before : Email its final draft , Please try not to be in the 8:40 After that, the final draft will be revised , And try to be in the 9
Send email before , There will be congestion in the official mailbox , There may be a delay in receiving mail !10 Click the deadline for sending mail .
The Fifth Day : rest

Day six : Meet all of you , Discuss the gains and losses in this competition ( This is very important , Students who are not good at summing up , Never make progress )
remarks : Once a schedule is set , We should strictly abide by it , Don't try to get to the top of a problem ! It is recommended to print this schedule , The captain should have an overall view . A team member is responsible for backing up the paper to the USB disk at the end of each stage .

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