According to media reports , Young people in New York plan to be on Sunday (31 day ) Rush into zuccotti Park in lower Manhattan , conduct “ Recapture Wall Street ” demonstration ,
To protest against the actions taken by hedge funds and other financial institutions to disrupt retail stock purchases .

   It started this week GameStop( Game station ) event .

   Game station Gamestop It's an offline game vendor in the United States , With the rise of e-shopping in recent years , Its performance and share price have gone from bad to worse , The share price was last year 4 At one point, it was less than the lowest point in the month 3
dollar , By many investors as junk stock .

   The famous short agency citron is short GameStop The backbone of the market . But what I didn't expect was ,28 In the evening , After the opening of US stock market , The stock price of the game station has triggered many times , Up to 483
dollar / thigh .

   Share prices are soaring , Behind it is the power of retail investors . A force to push this stock up , It's a major social platform in the United States Reddit
Retail investors in China , On this interest community platform similar to Douban , One is called WallStreetBets, In other words, it is translated into Chinese by some media “ Wall Street Casinos ” The stock exchange community in Shanghai has gathered nearly 300
10000 members , They call on members to buy some stocks that have been seriously short , Against the big players on Wall Street .

   according to the statistics , Investors who are short of the game's relay station are in the market this year 1 The month lost 910 USD100mn . Soon , Securities trading platform Robin Hood (Robinhood) And so began to restrict the purchase of game stations (GEM,
GameStop),AMC Entertainment and other Reddit Stocks targeted by retail investors in the Forum .

   in addition , Left, the world's best-known short seller, said on social networking site on Friday , Citron research company will no longer issue short report .

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