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Marxist multiple choice questions
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<> The first chapter is the summary of knowledge points

The essence or origin of the world is attributed to some ancient simple materialism

The basic problem of philosophy is the relationship between matter and consciousness

World outlook is people's fundamental view and viewpoint of the whole world

Time and space are absolute , infinite , It's relative again , This is a dialectical materialist point of view

Contradiction is the motive force of the development of things , This shows that the fundamental reason for the development of things is the internal contradiction of things

The difference between materialism and idealism lies in how to answer the question of what is the essence of the world

Practice as a perceptual material activity , It emphasizes the objectivity of practice

There are two general characteristics of materialist dialectics ,, One is the view of connection , The other is the view of development

contact Viewpoint and development viewpoint are the general characteristics of materialist dialectics

In the basic links of world connection and development , Reality refers to the reality that contains internal basis , Existence conforming to necessity , It is the synthesis of various relations between objective things and phenomena

In the basic category of materialist dialectics , Content and form reflect the relationship between the internal elements and the structure of things

The objectivity of law refers to : The law is inherent in the moving thing itself , It's not based on anyone's experience .

Consciousness is the subjective image of the objective world , It's the brain's response to the objective world

Conscious life is purposeful and planned

On the issue of consciousness , The mistake of idealism lies in exaggerating the active role of consciousness

The core of the party's ideological line is seeking truth from facts

Liberate from the shackles of backward traditional ideas and rigid dogma , Designation is to emancipate the mind

Seeking truth from facts is the goal of ideological emancipation

Emancipating the mind is the premise of seeking truth from facts

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