<>0. Before writing

Before writing , I read the summary of an elder , Many articles , That's interesting , I hope that through such a record , Leave something for your future self . Set up a Flag, One record a year .

<>1. My growth

2019 It's my first year in technology , Familiar with the company's business , Projects to do , Technology stack used . Completed the automation test framework independently demo The construction of .

2020 It's a magic and fast year ,2020 The only hope of the year is the health of your family , Now the expectation has come true , splendid .2 Return to Shanghai bravely in September , Working from home .4,5 Monthly interface with key customers ,7,8 Independently responsible for a project and successfully completed , And won an award at the annual meeting .9,10 Month combed his knowledge system .11 The month is now , It's time to meet a bigger challenge .

<>2. My advantage

My biggest advantage is that I have a strong sense of responsibility , I have an urgent project to go to Beijing on business for a week , Finally, the demonstration to key customers was successfully completed . A strong sense of responsibility means respect and seriousness for work , The second advantage is understanding the business and having ideas , There are always some good suggestions idea, Sales , Save the cost of operation and maintenance manpower , wait , The third advantage is love to learn , The fourth advantage is some leadership . The fifth advantage is humility , Accept and listen to others' criticisms and suggestions with an open mind . These advantages must be maintained .

<>3. My shortcomings

The first problem at work is the inefficiency , Compared with the leadership, the efficiency may be several times worse . One is that we have not established an overall view in our mind , It's easy to fall into a dead end , One is that I don't know enough about some knowledge, and I am very deep and proficient . The second is that the summary of the project is not enough , How can compound interest be generated without summing up, young man ! The third is the fear of some things , Go ahead, young man ! The fourth is that some people are addicted to cleanliness . Always want to plan before things , As a result, things are often delayed , The plan behind was disrupted , Finally fall into all kinds of bad mood , The fifth is the lack of awareness of social evils , The society is dangerous , People are dangerous , Talk to people who are close to you , Do more , Learn more from your relatives .

<>4. My goal

At work , The leader assigned to their own tasks or their own LED project quality and quantity of the expected completion . Technical ability , Now to their position is intermediate development , The goal for the future is , stay 2021 Become a senior developer by the end of the year (P6 level ).Hollis The boss said that ,P6 Should have the ability of software development , Architecture design capability , Project management capability , Online operation and maintenance capability , Business understanding , learning ability , Influence and goal orientation . At present, it has certain software development ability and online operation and maintenance ability , Business understanding and goal orientation . In the future, they should be based on their existing abilities , Develop your own architecture design ability , Project management capability , learning ability , effect .

<>5. My plan

12 Month and year ahead , There are many things to learn . The work should be done conscientiously and better than expected , Learning architecture design at work , Develop the ability of architecture design and project management , Outside of work , Focus on developing learning ability , effect , And feed back at work .

<>6. Remind yourself of something

first , Don't bite off more than you can chew. , Learn one or two techniques first . Yes, of course , We should also be involved in related technologies . secondly , Make a good plan , To make a good plan, we must strictly complete it , Don't be half hearted about anything else , Eat those frogs first , last , Develop some good habits .

<>7. Future focus

A.JVM Related knowledge

B. Data structure algorithm

C. The breadth and depth of framework

deep :Spring

wide :Kafka,Spring Cloud

D. Distributed knowledge

E. High concurrency knowledge

<>8. Some digressions

In the process of career growth , With the help of others, it's certainly helpful . What we should be most grateful for is our own leadership , He made me understand clean
code The importance of ideas and design patterns and their application in work , Thanks for the article of a big man in the blog Garden , He made me understand the importance of not falling behind in my work , Thanks also to a colleague in Beijing , He took some detours in his previous work and gave me some experience . I would also like to thank my colleagues who taught me how to start the project at that time , I would also like to thank an experienced student who gave me some suggestions , Also thanks to a former Ali architect who talked about his growth experience , I would also like to thank my parents, sisters and several relatives who have given me a lot of advice , There are also many experience sharing blogs , Book boss , There are a lot of people .

<>9. end of the year 40 day

Read uncle mouse's column again , Resume the habit of blogging . The depth of my previous blog is a little shallow , The future blog should be at least as deep as that .

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