As a software developer who lives by code , Available functions and Bug It's always mutual . There was a product iteration review meeting , I put forward a low-level proposal Bug The quantity should be regarded as KPI One is performance appraisal , Some of my friends were very excited in private : How could it not Bug, How could it be so stupid X The requirements of ? If it really is Bug How much of the number to examine the development of writing code , I believe everyone will be crazy , This is a defect in the system , Not conducive to the development of the organization .

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He did misinterpret my intention , I don't want to assess Bug number , It's a low-level assessment Bug number , What is inferior Bug? I've written code for a few years , It's probably clear Bug The severity of the disease .

The style of interface , The format is not uniform , Confusion , Typos

A very simple problem of determining null value , A little self-test will show

Nonstandard use of common codes ,

The connection of the system online database is disordered

Copy other people's similar code completely, and use it without thinking


I believe there are many more , This kind of writing has no technical content Bug, On the table , I believe I will blush , These problems do not need to have a good technical level to be committed . There is a good way to avoid low-level problems : Follow common code specifications , Test Yourself , Follow a specific process , careful + earnest .

Why do we have to examine the junior Bug number , lower Bug It's not about measuring your technical ability , It reflects a person's work attitude . A good working attitude is better than an irresponsible technical master , Then why not check it Bug number ?Bug The amount of code development comes from the amount of code development , Do more , There are many mistakes . Do less , There are fewer mistakes . It's good not to do it . If we go by this standard , It's not fair to everyone , This organization will not be able to make great progress . Members of a learning organization , We must move forward with a growing mentality , It's not that you don't move forward for fear of making mistakes .

One more Bug The number index can also be used as an index KPI What about this assessment ?Bug Repeated opening rate
. One Bug cover Fixed After dropping , After a while, it was opened again , It means that it has not been completely solved , It still exists in some scenarios . Or is the current problem solved , It's causing other problems Bug, On the other side Bug After being solved , Current Bug It's reopened , That is what we often say “ Change one , Three broken ”, More changes ,Bug The more .

When people don't pay attention to code quality , No feeling Bug When counting , The team will form a subconscious ——Bug indifferent , When there is a change, it's just a change , So the quality of the product will not go there . Of course, it can't be controlled by high voltage Bug, How much will be deducted if there is one , It just shrinks the team . because Bug Production accidents caused by accidents , According to size , Yes, it can be punished , I believe we will not complain too much .

Bug No trifles , Quality consciousness always exists .

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