According to foreign media reports , China “ Yutu No.2 ” It was the first lunar rover to explore the back of the moon . After being forced to hibernate on a cold moonlit night , The rover was launched in the morning 2 month 6
The probe activity resumed on May 21 . The lunar rover made an interesting discovery on the surface of the moon , Chinese scientists call it a milestone . Mission scientists and the rover driver's team found a slender rock worthy of careful observation .

   The team said , They plan to use it “ Yutu No.2 ” The visible and near infrared imaging spectrometers on the surface of the rock were used for close observation and analysis . The instrument detects scattered and reflected light to understand the details of material composition .

   Scientists have been using the instrument as the rover passes through Von Karman
Other rock and weathering samples were investigated along the path of the crater . So far , These investigations revealed interesting specimens of molten glass and material that may have come from the lunar mantle . This spiral rock looks like debris and protrudes from the ground , This makes it very unusual .

   Because the rock is still fragmentary and has obvious ridge at the edge of the rock , So scientists think it's very young geologically . Pressure from impacts and thermal cycles, as well as other forms of weathering on the moon's surface, can break down the rocks into roughly spherical shapes over time . Scientists speculated on how the rocks formed .

   The most likely theory is , Its impact ejecta came from a nearby crater . Scientists also believe that , This shape of rock may have been formed by a process called spalling , That is to say, the impact fragments of rock are blown away from the nearby surface, but they do not experience the impact pressure experienced by the direct impact area . Further investigation into this unusual rock is currently planned .

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