Last century 70 years , Memory is slow and expensive , Programmers have to do everything they can to save memory .

Compilers in those days were also poor

therefore ,70 Almost all programmers in the '80s were good at assembly .

In order to help programmers write assembly , At this time CPU The instruction set has also been intentionally enhanced .

80 The beginning of the decade ,Intel Of x86 CPU And Microsoft DOS cover IBM Select , Become IBM PC Compatible processor and operating system .

Under the control of Moore's law , x86 CPU It's getting more and more complicated .

last , Even the compiler can't stand it .

IBM Research Institute John Cocke find , A large number of instruction sets and addressing methods provided by the processor are not used by the code generated by the compiler .

since it is so , Why not design a new instruction set , Keep the most commonly used 20% What about your instructions ?

such CPU Isn't it simpler to design and implement ?

This is the famous reduced instruction set (RISC) The way of thinking .

at that time ,IBM, University of California, Berkeley David Patterson, Stanford University John Hennessy yes RISC A pioneer in research .

RISC It's not just about streamlining the instructions , There are other very important improvements .

The birth of new theories has never been smooth sailing , at that time CICS Some of our design masters hold different opinions .

David Patterson Hold your breath , Lead your students , Designed a RISC processor , 1982 year , RISC-I Processor released .

notice RISC There is such a performance , A large number of companies began to adopt it RISC To design the processor based on the idea of ,RISC It's like a prairie fire , Quickly captured the server-side market .

Although firmly in the hands of the ruler PC market , but RISC The development of science and technology makes us happy Intel I feel a lot of pressure ,Intel Decided to walk on two legs .

however PC yes x86 framework , All operating systems and software are built around it .

i860 Not even a compatible operating system or software , It can't develop at all .

since RISC It can't develop ,Intel Make up your mind , abandon RISC, One way to black .

here we are 1995 year ,Intel At last we found a way , That's to put it x86 Instruction set for , Decode into something similar to RISC Micromanipulation of (uops), When executing, use RISC kernel .

Intel Use from PC Huge profits made by the market , Continuous investment , With the development of architecture and microelectronics technology ,CICS The structural disadvantage gradually disappeared .

stay Intel Under the attack of , RISC On the server CPU The market is declining , Today , cover Intel Occupied 95% Our market .

Plus the desktop market , x86 Almost completed the monopoly .

RISC Did it fail ?

stay 90 Years and 21 The beginning of the century ,PC It's in a dominant position , But a new star is dormant , Waiting for the outbreak .

But I'm sorry ,Newton Technology is too advanced , Poor user experience , Not accepted by the market , It ended in failure .

but ARM Accumulated experience , Continue to improve technology . It wasn't long , It was successful on Nokia and other function computers .

2007 year , ARM Finally ushered in their own golden age .

The following story is quite clear , ARM Stepping on the wave of mobile era , Dominated the mobile phone market .

More Than This , Mobile market dominated by ARM, It's time to counterattack servers and desktops !

2007 year ,David Patterson and John Hennessy Because in RISC Turing Award for outstanding contributions in this field

actually , review CPU past times 40 The development of the year ,Intel Once to RISC study , Got it RISC kernel .

and ARM New instruction sets with higher code density are also introduced , towards CISC Learning from the classics .

CISC And RISC Differences at the instruction set architecture level have been bridged .

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