1 month 4 day , Tesla Shanghai Super factory has started full production Model Y. On the display of aerial pictures in the second phase of the factory park , All electric crossover vehicles parked outdoors Model Y
The number has exceeded Model 3.

   Shanghai Super factory phase II Park Model Y Our production base . although 2020 The second phase of the construction of the park encountered epidemic and other factors , But Tesla and its construction partners did it ahead of time Model Y
Construction of production workshop .2020 year 12 month , Shanghai Super factory has been offline Model Y electric vehicle , The factory began to deliver to stores in the same month Model Y.

   notes : This picture is from twitter account @ray4tesla

   There are reports ,Model Y It's very popular in the Chinese market . as report goes , Tesla official website Model Y Orders are hot and down , Consumers even experience a test drive in a long line in the front row of Tesla stores Model

   At the beginning of the new year , Tesla Model Y Bargaining in China's electric vehicle market set off a huge momentum . According to its official website , Tesla made in China Model Y The starting price of long-term version is 33.99
RMB 10000 , Previously 48.8 RMB 10000 , The price reduction is 14.81 Ten thousand yuan . Tesla made in China Model Y The high performance version starts at 36.99 RMB 10000 , Previously
53.5 RMB 10000 , price cut percentage 16.51 Ten thousand yuan . in addition , made in China Model Y A number of upgrades have also been made , The functions of steering wheel heating and biochemical defense mode are added .( Chen Chen )

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