Advice just started as a programmer , Or intentional . Programmers must keep learning , I am a typical negative textbook . There is a serious social involution , The recruitment threshold will only be higher and higher . Only own ability is strong , It won't be eliminated . It's true that there are many theoretical knowledge points in the interview , It may not happen in practice , Even if you meet a big man, you can ask for help , But want it offer We have to cross this barrier .

  Let's talk about my case .16 Graduated from college in computer network technology . Focus on Web page production and router switch , The results were fairly good , Also won the national inspirational scholarship . Few students are engaged in computer industry after graduation , And I'm one of them , Programming interest and sense of achievement let me stick to it .( I feel that school teaching is good , Knowledge is very backward , A lot of them are teaching )

  Not long after graduation , Because of low education and poor technology , interview Web The front-end development is full of obstacles , Then I want to specialize in a technology , I attended the Android training class . Although the technology is not involved in the work temporarily , But I didn't regret enrolling in the training , It not only taught me programming thinking , Give me a learning atmosphere that the school doesn't have .( Many of them are trained by the society . But personally, I think the training class has a certain effect . Those who are not professional and only want to make quick money , It's a waste of money and time . There are many such people in my class , Muddle around in class , It's the teacher's fault that he didn't learn anything at the end of the course )

  End of course , Push to a small company through the teacher , The company was small at first , R & D department 10 Many people . Because I don't know the industry of the company , I'm not interested either , So I want to accumulate some experience , Plan to work for three years . The company programming language is C++/QT
. And I can only HTML And Android , Almost nothing , So we have to start from scratch . Learning while doing projects , New language “ Get started ” Soon , Maybe the programming language is the reason to think it through . During this period, we also did several projects, large and small , It's also used C#,JS,JAVA programming , This can only be used as you learn .

 HTML,CSS,Android,C++,QT,C#,JS I've learned a lot of skills over the years , But it's all half a bucket of water , None of them are proficient . A fresh student who has just entered the company , Keep a good record of work every day , Learning after work , There is a clear direction , It makes me feel inferior . Then I applied for college , Hope to improve .( Think about an interview with at least a bachelor's degree , It's not too ugly )

  From more than a dozen people to nearly 20 now ,5K Up to now 10K, Time passed like this .2020 The epidemic situation in China improved in late 1999 , More and more people come to our company for interview . I took a look at their resumes , graduate student , Returnees become the norm , The awards are all over the page , It makes me feel more stressed . But a lot of people are in the interview this pass was brush down , Even if the interview passes, the job leaves after a few days . I'll look at the interview questions for them , I don't know how to do it without looking at the analysis , Asked about the problem, the person is not very good . I want to know the meaning of this interview question .

The original plan was to change jobs last year , Escape from the first tier cities , Home development . But many companies closed down because of the epidemic , I counselled . The epidemic situation has improved , Try to find it again C++/QT My work , As a result, they still hit the wall everywhere . Now I'm in a very awkward position , Although I have four years of working experience , With a bachelor's degree , Or kneel down and close the interview question . It made me understand , Recognize that we have to relearn now , Although it's a little late now , But it's better than waiting to die .

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