We all know that Mac It will automatically go to sleep when no one is using it , Because it can save the battery power , Give Way Macbook
Longer endurance . But sometimes there are exceptions , Like downloading big files , When performing some automated tasks , In order to keep the task running continuously , Need to let Mac
Keep the screen on , that , How can we not let it happen at this time Mac How about the computer going to sleep ? today macdown Let's share some tips mac How to sleep .

Energy saving settings of the system
The first thing to say is Mac Built in system settings , Because it's Apple's own function , It doesn't need to be personal , It's the most direct way
Click the apple logo on the left side of the menu bar , Open system preferences , Choose energy conservation

Here we can see that there are many options , Among them, we only need to adjust the slider of closing the monitor after this period to the far right , You can keep the screen permanently on . of course , If you know the execution time of the task , You can also adjust the slider to the required time , It can be set at most 3
hour .

When the download or task is completed , Then return it to the default option . In fact, for most people , The system's built-in sleep settings are enough , Permanent bright screen can be set , You can also set a specific time , It's just a little bit of a hassle , There are several steps , More suitable for occasional use

Caffeinated Application of anti sleep

Caffeinated It's a specially designed to prevent Mac Application of entering sleep state , It is a tool fixed on the menu bar , Have a coffee like icon .
Caffeinated The function of the system is similar to that of the system , Including the activation of anti sleep , Set the waiting time before sleeping , however Caffeinated
It is more convenient to use , When you need to disable sleep , Just click with the right mouse button to achieve , Relative to the system settings , Very simple
in addition Caffeinated There is also a very good function is to automatically activate and turn off the anti sleep function according to the state of the battery , For example, it is activated automatically when charging , Switch off the charger , When the power level is lower than
20% Turn off when necessary, etc , The design is very user-friendly

One Switch Keep the screen on

One Switch Yes, often Mac
A tool used on , It can be used to quickly turn on and off some system settings , Like dark mode , resolving power , Screen saver, etc , One of the functions of keeping the screen on is to prevent Mac
The switch of body sleep , It's also very easy to use , Click to turn on anti sleep , Click once more to turn off the anti sleep function
If you use it all the time One Switch In my words , It's highly recommended to use its keep screen bright function to prevent Mac put to sleep

Amphetamine Professional anti sleep software

Amphetamine It's a very professional one Mac Anti sleep software , It provides almost the most comprehensive functionality available . use
Amphetamine, You can not only enter the sleep prevention state with one click , You can also set different ending conditions , This includes preventing sleep for a specific period of time , Prevent hibernation when specific software is running , Prevent sleeping when downloading specific files, etc , There are also many settings

in addition ,Amphetamine There is also a powerful function of it Triggers, Triggers
So that you can not only manually turn on anti sleep , According to the specific operation , Auto trigger anti sleep function , There are many options , Including access to a Wif network , Switch different IP
address , Open specific software , According to the power supply CPU The state of the system .

Amphetamine It has many functions , We need to study it carefully before we can use it skillfully , But when you do, it's very powerful

That's all macdown I brought it to you 4 A kind of prevention Mac An effective way to sleep , Hope to help you find the most suitable method ! If you have a better way, you are welcome to leave a message , Let's discuss it together !

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