Page dead el-select Drop down label box :

adopt v-for="item in stateArr" binding ,stateArr Statement in Vue Inside the component data The code in the parameter is as follows :

<el-form class="small-space" :model="createdItem" label-position="left" label-
width="100px" style='width: 100%; margin-left:0px;'> <el-form-item label=" Product number "
:required=true> <el-input name="c_ID" v-model="createdItem.c_ID" autoComplete=
"on" maxlength="20"></el-input> </el-form-item> <el-form-item label=" Product name " :
required=true> <el-input name="c_Name" v-model="createdItem.c_Name" autoComplete
="on" maxlength="20"></el-input> </el-form-item> <el-form-item label=" Product status "> <el
-select v-model="createdItem.c_State" placeholder=" Please select " style="width: 100%"> <el
-option v-for="item in stateArr" :key="item.value" :label="item.label" :value=
"item.value"></el-option> </el-select> </el-form-item>      </el-form>

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