Health codes implemented all over the country , It is one of the important tools to ensure the safety of oneself and others during the epidemic period .

   however , Now on the network unexpectedly appeared the simulation health code software , It's chilling .

   According to Weibo netizens @ Mr. Lu Sheng 11 It was revealed on May 15 , Google market before you can find a product called “ Health code demonstration ” Software for .

   What is the developer's description of this app ,“ Simulation of regional health code , Resumption code , Different display styles of access code ”. You can also customize all kinds of data and so on .

   Although the developer suggested that the software “ For demonstration purposes only , Do not use in the scanned area ”, But it's more than 1000 Number of downloads per session , Or has it caused a very negative impact on the Internet .

   App store display , This APP The developer name is “Morrowind Xie”, Its address is a technology company in Yuewang Road, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou city .

   Some netizens pointed out that , The developer has also set up a website for sharing software code abroad , The software was uploaded .

   After browsing the website, the observer found that , What netizens said does exist , The publisher also attached a link to the Google store to the page .

   at present , The link is no longer valid , And the store couldn't find the software , It's obviously been taken off the shelves .

   According to the headline reporter in Beijing , Shangcheng district market supervision and administration of a staff revealed , No company can be found through this address , Preliminary inference may be individual behavior or forged address . meanwhile , Shangcheng District Public Security Bureau , At present, Hangzhou Public Security Bureau has been involved in the investigation .

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