Us time 1 month 13 day , Intel announced , incumbent CEO Bob Swan This year 2 month 15 Leave on , He is currently a silicon valley cloud service provider VMware( Wei Rui ) CEO's Pat
Gelsinger Will take over Bob Swan My position , Intel's eighth term CEO.

Intel now CEO Bob Swan He has not been in office for a long time , stay 2019 year 1 He was formally appointed in September , It's just full now 2 year . Before that ,Bob Swan He is the chief financial officer of Intel , In the past CEO
Brian Krzanich After leaving , to 2018 year 6 He began to work as a temporary assistant in May CEO Finally, he became a full member .Bob Swan Also up to now, Intel's CEO The one with the shortest time in office .

it is reported ,Bob Swan Two years in office , Led a number of commercial mergers and acquisitions of Intel , But because 10nm Such as advanced process technology for many times delay and market value by competitors , Therefore, there are many controversies .
But Intel said in an official announcement ,“ Today's announcement with Intel 2020 It has nothing to do with the financial performance of the year . Intel Prediction Company 2020 Fourth quarter revenue and earnings per share (EPS) It will be more than before 2020 year
10 month 22 Performance guidelines released on May . in addition , Intel in 7 Great progress has been made in nanofabrication technology , And will 1 month 21 Japan announced the fourth quarter and 2020
Update relevant information during the annual financial report .”

Intel's next boss Pat
Gelsinger He is a technology magnate trained by Intel . Now 59 Year old Gelsinger The career started with Intel , Worked at Intel for more than 20 years 30 year , stay 2000 He was appointed as the first chief technology officer in the history of Intel .

Gelsinger It has a strong relationship with Intel . He's here 1979 He graduated from Lincoln Institute of technology and majored in electrical engineering before joining Intel , Funded by Intel , He's here 1983 year ,1985 University of Santa Clara , Stanford University holds bachelor's degree and master's degree in electrical engineering ,2008 He was appointed president in IEEE academician , stay VLSI Design , It has eight patents in the field of computer architecture and communication .

During his tenure at Intel, he promoted USB and Wi-Fi The birth of a number of key industry technologies , It's also the first generation of Intel 80486 Processor architect , The Communist Party has led the party 14 Two different microprocessor programs .

Gelsinger This return , It also marks the change of Intel's return to the main line of technology to a certain extent . Intel chairman Omar said ,“ In the opinion of the board of directors , In the critical period of Intel's transformation , This is the use of Pat It's the right time to change leadership with your technical and engineering expertise .”

end 1 month 14 Closing day , Intel is announcing a change of leadership CEO The stock price soared after the crash 6.97%, newspaper 56.95 dollar , create 2020 year 7 A new high after a sharp fall in January .

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