With the deepening of trade friction with the United States , More and more feel the urgency of developing domestic operating system . Whether it's desktop operating system or mobile operating system , Some products have been made in recent years . With the development of science and technology , It is not difficult to develop an operating system , The difficulty lies in the lack of supporting rich applications .

Here is an inventory of the current mainstream domestic operating system , They have their own advantages , Ranking in any order . Another point , Most of the domestic operating systems are based on Linux Development of open source kernel .

Some say it's based on Linux My system just changed the desktop , This sentence is wrong .

Linux It doesn't belong to any country , Any one you have now Linux In distribution , It contains at least hundreds of them GNU project , And the code contributed by hundreds of thousands of people .

01  You Qilin (UbuntuKylin)

The system is developed by the software and integrated circuit promotion center of MIIT , National Defense University of science and technology , Customized for Chinese users , Pre installed and provided a large number of software services suitable for Chinese users through the software center . abreast of the times “ You Qilin ” The operating system has been supported ARM and X86 Architecture CPU chip .

02  red flag Linux

The operating system was first developed in China 1999 year 8 Moon phase , Mainly used in some departments . But now this system has not been updated for a long time , And R & D companies are already 2014 year 2 month 10 Dissolution of Japan . But the good news is that China Science red flag will continue to develop red flag Linux Domestic operation software .

At present, the Ministry of industry and chemistry of the people's Republic of China , State Grid , Bank of China ,CCTV And other units are still using the red flag Linux, The latest desktop operating system has been updated to 10.0 edition .

At present, there is no free official link to download , You can go to other online channels to download or domestic professional IT Technology community CSDN download .

03  Qilin won the bid (NeoKylin)

The system is run by civil engineers “ Winning the bid Linux” Operating system and military “ Galaxy Unicorn ” Operating systems merged , In the end “ Qilin won the bid ” The new brands in the market . The system has also become a 2018-2019 China
Linux Market share first system . In addition, the system also aims at X86 And Loongson , Shen Wei , Public will , Feiteng, etc CPU Platform for independent development , It takes the lead in realizing the goal of X86 And domestic CPU Platform support .

04  depth Linux

The operating system is in the 2004 Debut in , Fast update speed , Recommended . The system is mainly used for civil version , Its source code is open and controllable , At present, there are tens of millions of downloads , Once in Distrowatch The highest ranking China in the world Linux operating system . They are currently working on the migration Windows Various compatibility problems brought by platform software .

05  ZTE new fulcrum desktop operating system

The system comes from ZTE , It is the biggest black horse in the domestic operating system , It is also a mature system . Also based on open source Linux Core research and development of desktop operating system , In addition, it also supports the production of chips ( Megacore , Shen Wei , Loongson ,ARM) Software and hardware . At present, some common application software has been gathered , High maturity .

06  Starting point operating system (StartOS)

The operating system is in the 2005 Debut in , It is also a civilian version , Issued by Yumu Linfeng team , Maybe you are not unfamiliar with this team . And its system interface is fine imitation Windows theme , And according to the usage habits of Chinese people , Pre installed the commonly used boutique software .2012 In 1997, the company changed its name to “ Starting point operating system ”StartOS. The advantage of this system is beautiful interface , Easy to operate and install .

07  Zhongke Fangde desktop operating system

The system is also based on open source Linux Core research and development of desktop operating system , And based on megacore ( compatible x86 platform ) The whole machine made in China is fully adapted and optimized . It is also a beautiful product for Chinese users , Easy to use desktop environment system . In addition, the system can well support the mainstream hardware platform and most computer peripherals .

08   UOS system

This is a relatively young domestic operating system , From ZTE to new fulcrum , China Electronics Group and other enterprises 2019 year 10 It was announced on the domestic official website in June , And released UOS External test and open plan ,

So far , It has been used in Huawei PC in , On ordinary home computers ,UOS The system can also be used , The performance is still good . in addition , The system is also used in Longxin , Feiteng, etc CPU The adaptation has been achieved on the surface , At present, it is actively carrying out more adaptation work .

UOS Compared with other pages Windows It's beautiful , High efficiency mode and fashion mode for consumers to choose from , If it's just daily work ,UOS It can be completely satisfied , But if it is necessary to use professional software , for example PS Or something , It can't be adapted yet , It is under further improvement .

in addition UOS We are stepping up our ecological construction , The number of game products is still very rare , According to the public recruitment information some time ago ,UOS The number of R & D and operation recruitment is 3000 and 2000 people , It's going to be real .

In addition, this operating system is free for individual users , There is no system advertising and third-party pre installation , Software running speed is also very good .

expect UOS In the future can become PC A black horse in the operating system , If you are interested in the above operating system, you can directly go to Baidu search official website to download and install it .

That's the end of today's sharing , Welcome to message exchange .


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