《 a bit late LatePost》 from 7
It was learned from the staff of pinduoduo , After withdrawing from the red envelope cooperation of the Spring Festival Gala , Pinduoduo has launched a number of fine-tuning in management . The working hours of some teams in the marketing department have never been clearly stipulated, but the employees default “11-11-6” Adjust to
“9-9-6”, Namely 9 I go to work at 8:00 , night 9 I'll be off at two o'clock , A week's work 6 day , It has been on trial for two weeks .

   in addition , Individual departments have launched a work and rest vote , Let employees in “11-11-6” and “9-9-6” One out of two . But the current technology , product , There is no sign of work and rest adjustment in other departments such as China Merchants .

   Another change is that , Pinduoduo may adjust the overtime payment to monthly payment before and after the Spring Festival . at present , The head of technical department has passed the internal communication tool of the company Knock
Let me know , But then the message was withdrawn .

   before , The annual overtime pay of pinduoduo employees will be paid together with the fixed year-end bonus before the Spring Festival , Overtime is paid only once a year , There is no detailed working hours for this income , The amount is about equal to that of the staff 2 About a month's salary .

   Pinduoduo's year-end bonus consists of fixed year-end bonus and performance year-end bonus : The fixed year-end bonus amount is equivalent to 2 Monthly salary , Before the Spring Festival ; The year-end performance bonus is based on “ 271 ”
To be issued after performance appraisal , Namely 20% Of the employees were rated the best ,70% good ,10% negative comment , among 70% The amount of performance year-end bonus that employees can get is 2 Monthly salary .

   Because there is no details of overtime pay , No employee can tell exactly what overtime pay is , Usually work till night on weekdays 8
There is no clear stipulation on whether overtime is counted after work . What employees can be sure of is , On legal holidays , Companies are usually 7 Day off 5 day ,5 Tianfang 3 day ,3 Tianfang 2 day ; On weekdays, if it's in the evening 10
I'll be off work by 12:00 , You may be criticized by your supervisor or beaten down .

   Except for the criticism of dismissal , There was almost no formal written notice of all other matters , All kinds of notices are often issued by the supervisors at all levels , Due to the different understanding of each department head on the notice , They are also different in the way and focus of their messages .

   For example, this pay notice , A supervisor told his subordinates that the fixed year-end bonus would be paid as usual , The wording of the notice is “ 14. Pay as usual ”. But the employees are not satisfied “ 14 salary ”
There are different understandings of the specific reference of , Some employees think that “ 14 salary ” It means “ Wages and overtime ”, Some employees think it means
“ Salary and fixed year end bonus ”. Based on the difference between information receiving and understanding , Some employees are not clear about the specific direction of the pay notice , It is not related to the internal legend “ Overtime pay will be paid monthly ” Associated with the message .

   Three pinduoduo employees said , Last two years , Before the Spring Festival, 14 salaries are also paid normally , The company “ Active notification ”
On the contrary, his behavior is somewhat abnormal . therefore , Some employees interpret this notice as :“ Although I quit the Spring Festival Gala ( Red envelope cooperation ), But take the initiative to tell everyone in the group that you will not be deducted 14 salary , Seems to see a change in the company , Maybe it's active reflection ?”
Some employees think it's just a company “ Stabilize the morale of the army in stages ” How to do it .

   in addition , Due to employee Tan Yilin jumping off a building , More than more 1 month 9 The staff will be informed that the psychological counseling service will be started in the evening , at present , Pinduoduo has passed the internal audit OA
The system has opened a psychological and special emergency consultation channel , Arrange special personnel to provide consulting services for employees .

   The service requires a real name operation , After entering the page, there are two input boxes ,“ Brief description ” and “ Detailed description ”
All are required , Employees can leave a message to fill in their questions and puzzles , But because we don't know who receives the information , And we can't predict what will happen after leaving a message ,《 a bit late
LatePost》 Many employees interviewed by pinduoduo said that they would not use the service .

   Some employees are worried , Once these questions are fed back to the supervisor , It will only bring more troubles to your work ,“ Went through a series of things , At present, the trust between the company and its employees has become fragile . If you have a problem , I would choose to go to the psychiatric department of the hospital .”
One employee said .

   The mentality of pinduoduo employees in the storm is experiencing fluctuations . One of them said it a week ago “ I can still do it ” According to the staff of , He is ready to leave . One employee said he planned to wait until 5
Leave after the payment of monthly performance year-end bonus .

   Another employee said , These things happened one after another , There is a certain randomness , But the company's approach to internal cooling is disappointing ,“ Pinduoduo's rapid growth before covered up many internal management problems , Although the company pursues flat and fast decision-making , But the manager also has bandwidth management .”( Wang Yu, Marco Xin, Zhang Qin )

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