In the above, I only gave the interface code , The code of the database part is annotated , Originally, I wanted to build a complete login and data visualization interface after the data visualization interface was completed , But because there are other things to do , So I packaged the previous code , In this way, the whole code contains only three functions (create_root,new_root,sql_information), It is clear and reusable , Share the discussion with you :
from tkinter import * import pymysql # Create root window , And add components def create_root(): root =
Tk() root.title(' Sign in ') root.resizable(0, 0) # Set window size immutable canvas = Canvas(root) #
Add canvas canvas.pack(side='top', fill=BOTH) canvas.create_window(100, 50,
window=Label(root, font=(' Song style ', 10), text=' user name ', justify='left', padx=5,
pady=4)) # among 100,50 Is the offset from the canvas , The upper left corner is 0,0 canvas.create_window(100, 90,
window=Label(root, font=(' Song style ', 10), width=5, text=' password ', justify='left',
padx=5, pady=4)) # Account password input box zh_entry = Entry(root, borderwidth=3) password_entry
= Entry(root, borderwidth=3, show='*') canvas.create_window(210, 50,
window=zh_entry) canvas.create_window(210, 90, window=password_entry)
canvas.create_window(330, 90, window=Label(root, text=' Forget the password ', fg='red',
font=(' Song style ', 10))) # Create canvas background photo = PhotoImage(file='bg.png')
canvas.create_image(200, 150, image=photo) # button Click event def callback(): user =
int(zh_entry.get()) password = int(password_entry.get()) user_information =
sql_information('select * from user_information') if user ==
user_information[0][0] and password == user_information[0][1]: #
When extracting data from a database , Will return the data of each row in the form of tuples , That is, each line constitutes a tuple , And all the rows make up a big tuple , That is, nested tuples . student_information
= sql_information('select * from student_information') root.state("iconic") #
Hide window , It's equivalent to minimizing the window new_root(student_information) else: pass
# I didn't write down the event of account password error here , You can write corresponding response events if you need # Create login button canvas.create_window(190, 200,
window=Button(root, width=15, command=callback, bg='#87CEEB', text=' Sign in now '))
mainloop() # Create a new window def new_root(student_information): student_root = Toplevel()
student_root.title(' Student management system ') student_root.resizable(0, 0) head_string = (' Student number ',
' full name ', ' grade ', ' Age ', ' Home address ') for i in range(len(student_information[0])): listbox
= Listbox(student_root, width=20, height=20, bd=4, relief='flat', bg='#E0FFFF')
listbox.pack(side=LEFT, fill=BOTH) listbox.insert(END, head_string[i]) for each
in student_information: listbox.insert(END, each[i]) # Make database connection , afferent sql sentence , Return the required information
def sql_information(sql): connection = pymysql.connect('localhost', 'root',
'*******', "tang_crawler") # I've covered the password here , Just fill in your password when you connect cursor =
connection.cursor() try: cursor.execute(sql) user_information =
cursor.fetchall() except Exception as e: print(e) finally: if connection:
cursor.close() if cursor: connection.close() return user_information if
__name__ == '__main__': create_root()
The login interface is :


After clicking login , The data interface is :

The data visualization interface here is not good , One is not finding a good one UI a design chart , And then there is tkinter I don't feel fit to do this . So it's just a simple list of the data .

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