Tomcat Installation and environment configuration ( Detailed tutorial )

tomcat Download and install

1, Enter the official website, find Projects In project  List

find tomcat

Download The next version , What's new here 10.0x, But generally do not choose the latest version , I chose 8.5x, So click Download Below Tomcat 8

Here I choose 64 Positional Windows edition , Download according to your own needs .( proposal : It's better not to put it in C disc )

After downloading , decompression


Configure environment variables

System variables adding variables :

Variable name :CATALINA_HOME

Variable value :D:\apache-tomcat-8.5.57( It's the path to the folder you just unzipped , We don't need it here bin)

stay path Add in %CATALINA_HOME%\lib\

Environment variable configuration completed

find tomcat Under the directory startup.bat file , How many seconds does the final result appear after double clicking , Indicates that the installation was successful

Open browser , input localhost:8080 Show Tom the cat (8080 Is the default port number , In case of conflict with other software , Go to the configuration file server.xml You can modify the port number in ),

If you find out “ service ” None of them tomcat, open DOS window , Enter the bin catalog , implement service.bat install  command

display the service "tomcat8" has been installed  after , It means success

Open service , start-up



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