<>PS Making login interface

* newly build : name ( Login page ), width 800, height 600, distinguish 72
* Make a title :logo Matting , Layer styles adjust colors , Projection and other effects, enter the title , Copy layer style to title .
* Color picker ( Double white ), Import School Logo , Layer right click to select the background layer
* Magic wand tool , Deselect continuous , Select white to delete . Button out the logo .
* Drag onto the login page ,ctrl+t Resizing .
* Add Layer Style ,f(x): Color overlay and projection ,
* Enter the corresponding text , adjust color , size , position ( Pay attention to change the foreground color to the required color )
* Press and hold alt, take logo Drag the layer you are on to the title layer
* Rename layer one to logo
* In addition to the background , Multi select other layers ,ctrl+g Construction Group , Group name title
* New Layer , Layer naming : Login background
* Select the login background layer , Use the rectangular marquee tool to select the lower part , Change the color slightly , Paint barrel application .
* Select login background ,f(x)- Gradient Overlay ( Words are not easy to describe, do it yourself )
* Click file , Insert embedded object sunrise , Adjust material layer size , Mixed mode , Opacity, etc ( right “ normal ” Change to “ Positive film lamination ”) The same goes for the sun , Birds , The adjustment is the same as above .
* Create a new group , Select all new layers and drag them to a new group , Group name login background .
* Select Ellipse Tool , Press and hold shift Draw a circle , Adjust fill and stroke .
* Yuanli characters : Two rows of account login .
* Select the rounded rectangle tool , Adjust fillet radius ( Eight pixels ), Create login box , Adjust color and stroke .( Stroke 4)
* Change layer name to login box , Add Layer Style - Projection , Adjust layer fill and opacity
* Enter the corresponding text , And dialog box , Adjust color size
* It's too much trouble to remember the password and forget the password. I think you should all know it
* New group again , The operation is the same as above , Drag in the login box .
* Making reflections , Check auto select , Show transform controls , Layer renamed shadow ,alt Select the copy login box and drag it under the shadow ,
* Select the login box - Hatch Layers ( It's hard to write at the back Take a look at the suggestion of mask )– Reverse login box , Add layer mask , Mask linear gradient .

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