1 month 17 day , China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Fifth Research Institute held the launch ceremony of space station mission test team .

   China's manned space project , Relevant leaders of the Fifth Academy of Aerospace Science and Technology Group , And the space station Tianhe core module , Manned spacecraft , The leader in charge of the cargo ship , Representatives of test team members, etc , Attended the ceremony .

   At the ceremony , Core module of space station , Manned spacecraft , The chief commanders of the three types of cargo spaceships made speeches respectively , Representatives of the test team took an oath .

   Just a few days ago , Space station Tianhe core module developed by Aerospace Science and Technology Group , Tianzhou-2 cargo spacecraft has successfully passed the factory evaluation organized by the competent department of manned space engineering , Complete the research and development , Production and testing work , Technical status and quality control of development process , Interface matching and coordination between systems , Effective risk identification and control measures , All functions meet the general requirements of the project , It marks that the construction of the space station is about to turn to the task implementation stage .

   China's space station

   According to the mission planning of space station construction , It will be implemented this year and next 11 First mission , include 3 Launch of sub space station cabin ,4 Second cargo ship ,4 Manned Spaceship Launch ,2022
Completed the construction of the space station in orbit .

   among , The core module of the space station is scheduled to be launched from Long March 5 this spring B Launch vehicle .

   at present , Changwu B The rocket is carrying out all the work before leaving the factory as planned , It is planned to accept the factory evaluation in the near future , After passing the review, it will be transported to China Wenchang space launch site by sea , Launch mission .

   Changwu B First flight of rocket

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