Java It belongs to the core language of programming language , Many companies are using it Java,Java Language development has obvious advantages and good stability , On the server side Java High performance , Safe and robust features .

2019 year Java The demand for jobs continues to rise, and the supply exceeds the demand ,2020 year Java Job prospects will be good, too . below , Let me talk about it in detail 2020 year Java Specific employment situation of development !

Java The demand of engineers accounts for half of the total demand 60%-70%,3-5 Experience in development Java Engineer's salary 10~30 Ten thousand yuan ,Java There is a good prospect for the development of the industry , Like Baidu , JD.COM , Alibaba and others are using it Java development .

There is a large market demand for search on major recruitment websites , It can be seen directly Java programmer ,Java The position of an engineer consists of many parts , Salary is generally on the high side .Java It is widely used ,PC, Data center , Game console , Scientific supercomputer , Mobile phone and Internet industries are inseparable Java.

<>1,Java Programmer market demand gap

In recent years, the mobile Internet has developed rapidly in China , Various start-ups , Small teams have sprung up , Development of Android ,PHP,Java,Web There is a growing demand for new products . However, the development of talents can not keep up with the demand of the market , Corresponding to the excellent Java The salary offered by talents will increase accordingly .

It can be seen from the statistical data of the third-party platform ,Java Engineers in 2019 The annual average monthly salary is close to 20K, among 20K-30K The proportion of the total salary is 30.3%. Job requirements , from 100offer Recruitment website 2018 It can be seen from the proportion of face-to-face invitation of enterprises for various technical posts in ,Java Engineer needs first , Proportion 60%, Year on year 2017 It's growing every year 11%. thus it can be seen ,2019 year Java Job demand is still on the rise , demand exceeds supply .

<>2,Java High threshold for programmers

Require computer technology or related majors ,Java On the quality of employees , Computer related industries will understand the most basic knowledge of the Internet , And simple language foundation ; be engaged in Java Development industry , Recruitment companies have requirements for academic qualifications , Most of the requirements are junior college or above .

Does not rule out the non computer professional engaged in Java Industry developers , But everything is difficult at the beginning. Many people hope to learn , There are more and more difficulties in the learning process , I gave up slowly , Therefore, some people are eliminated on the way to entry . Make up your mind before you study , Learning can't be given up easily .

<>3,Java Many promotion directions

gross Java At first, the practitioners started from junior engineers , With years of work , Increasing work experience , From junior engineer to intermediate Engineer .

With the continuous improvement of self-development ability , The continuous accumulation of development projects is a leap from an intermediate engineer to a senior engineer or even a development team leader .

On this basis, go to a higher project manager , The promotion of project director position requires more than skilled development ability , Communication and coordination skills are also indispensable .

Finally, if you want to be Java Architect or enterprise CTO, Need to constantly strengthen their own skills on the basis of a good ability to control and manage the development team , Have a good personality , Enhance personal ability to lead the enterprise to a better direction .

Nowadays, all parts of the country attach importance to information construction , There is a large number of information talent gap , in especial Java Software talent , China's information technology personnel training is still in the development stage , The actual demand of the society is greater than the number of information talents , Many small and medium-sized enterprises need comprehensive and systematic knowledge Java Software engineer with basic skills and knowledge of software development ,Java The employment opportunities and prospects of software engineers are very broad .

That's what I share Java industry , Market environment and Java General position analysis . It can be seen that , at present Java The employment situation is relatively good . I believe I want to do it Java My friends should have a general understanding after watching it . although Java The industry has a bright future , But it's hard to grasp the core Java Skills and project experience are the key .

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