From function machine to intelligent machine , There are many designs cut off by manufacturers . Like a physical keyboard , Such as removable batteries , Another example is the extremely advanced technology 3.5mm Headphone hole .

   I miss it most , It's the breathing light on the mobile phone . Is the design of breathing lamp beautiful , It used to be an important measure when I bought the machine . Today's smart phones can , There are few breathing lamp designs .

  ▲ Meizu's 「 DoT 」, Very classic breathing lamp design

   Like me, not a few people are infatuated with breathing lights . Post Bar , On the Forum , There are a lot of users wondering , Why are more and more manufacturers abandoning breathing lamp design , Mingming breathing lamp is so beautiful , And it's practical .

  ▲ Questions on breathing lamp in Zhihu

   Some hands-on ability strong friend , They even refit their mobile phones with breathing lights , We can see the obsession and obsession with breathing lamp .

  ▲ However, this is not recommended , It will increase the risk of mobile phone entering water and ash .

   Breathing lamp , Used to be a trend vane

   Which genius first integrated breathing light into mobile phone , There is no information available . But the earliest breathing lights , Most of them are indicator lights . When receiving a text message or phone call , The indicator light of the mobile phone changes colors , Or flashing at a fixed frequency , Remind the owner .

  ▲  Picture from :gadgets

   We usually talk about breathing lights , It can change from light to dark , Light as soft as breath . In the era of flip phone , Beautiful breath lamp is a weighted score .

   For example, step by step high bubble phone (i508), his A Face 「 Bubbles 」 lower , There's a breathing light hidden . When users play music , Receive SMS or phone call , Corresponding 「 Bubbles 」 It will have a breathing effect , as smart as a new pin .

   In my heart , The most beautiful flip mobile phone with breathing lamp LG Of 「 Desserts 」 series . It has a variety of patterns built in , Users can DIY The style of breathing lamp , colour , To express their mood and state .

   The breathing lamp is not just a decorative element , It is also the time that users view , Media of weather and other information . Users don't need to turn on the phone , Can know whether there is information through breathing light , Incoming call , Know the current time , It's very convenient .

   Some flip phones also integrate breathing lights into the key area , More for lighting , The function of decoration .

   When it comes to breathing lights , There may be a lot of friends will first think of more rugged 「 horse race lamp 」. stay 2010 Five years ago ,「 Spirit boy 」 It's not just tights , Winklepickers , also 「 Flash blind 」 My running lantern mobile phone .

   This kind of mobile phone has one thing in common , The border is very wide , The fuselage is very thick . So the manufacturer has space to put enough lamp beads , Achieve all kinds of ostentatious lighting effect .

   When put up DJ Dance music , The running lamp of mobile phone will also flash with the rhythm , It's like a mobile nightclub .

   Full screen , No place for breathing lights

  「 Extreme prosperity forebodes the beginning of decline. 」 Maybe it's a fixed curse .

   When smart phones appear , Manufacturers began to pursue large screen , Frivolity . There were all kinds of mobile phone forms , It's a straight screen . The transformation of this form , It has brought some changes to the use habits of consumers . When you need to view information , Just tap the screen , Or pick up the phone to wake up the screen , Information notice at a glance .

  ▲ Picture from :lvivity

   So it used to be regarded as the breathing light of mobile phone message indicator , It's a lot less functional . For the space of every inch of land and money inside the mobile phone , The designer took it for granted to lower the priority of breathing lights .

   During this period , The breathing lamp degenerated into a small light spot . Most of them are placed next to the front lens or earpiece , When there is information, it will flash or change color .

  ▲ Picture from : Jifeng Forum

   There is also a consideration for this design , It's a message notification in the age of smart machines , Far more than the era of functional computers . If the design of breathing lamp is too complicated , News notification is so frequent , It will affect the endurance of mobile phone .

   The simple but crude design , It's not really aesthetic . Some manufacturers give different answers , For example, Meizu , Nubia and other manufacturers , Put the breathing light and Home Key integration , It looks elegant and delicate .

  ▲ Meizu MX3. Picture from :androidauthority

  MOTO XT615 The breathing light is placed in the lower left corner of the navigation bar , In the form of a light band .

  ▲ Picture from :hard-resets

  LG Optimus G Pro The breathing light is integrated in the Home
Around the key , You can also adjust the light color . Some netizens said ,「 After using it , I don't feel like I'm going to love my cell phone without breathing light any more 」.

  OPPO stay Find 7 At your chin , A breathing light belt with arc is installed , When the light comes on , It's like smiling at people , It's very healing .

   Sony is more 「 Play with lights 」 A good hand . such as st18i Breathing lamp , Perfect integration with function keys , Very sexy .

   What's next for Sony Lt26i, It can be said that the design aesthetics of breath lamp has been pushed to a new height . When informed , The breathing light in Lingrui transparent belt will be on , It looks both dreamy and futuristic .

   It's a pity , This beautiful design did not spread to future models , Become a lot of Suofen, the mind is difficult to calm .

   And with 「 Screen share 」,「 Full screen 」 It has become a hot topic for manufacturers , The position of the breathing light also gives way to the more important front lens and various sensors . It's even harder to see a new machine with its own breathing light .

   Some mobile phones still insist on breathing light design , It will also be used as a selling point for publicity . Like red rice K30
Pro, Although it uses a full screen design , But I didn't give up breathing lights , Instead, it is integrated into the lift camera element .

   It's all said 「RGB Light is the romance of E-sports 」, Some game phones , Also in the back of the design of a beautiful breathing lamp . Like black shark ,ROG
wait , In the process of the game will show brilliant lighting . This may be the current situation in the smartphone industry , A group of manufacturers pay the most attention to lamp efficiency .

   Design of breathing lamp 「 Reincarnation 」

   Even with the advent of full screen , No place for breathing lights . But in OLED Screen is more and more used in mobile phones , Information screen display (AOD) It's also getting popular , It's like a breathing light 「 Reincarnation 」.

   This is mainly due to OLED
Characteristics of panel self illumination . Each pixel can emit light independently , Therefore, the information screen display can only light up some areas of the screen , The remaining areas remain closed , So as to ensure the power consumption in a certain range , It will not have a significant impact on the battery life of the mobile phone .

  ▲ Picture from :xda-developers

   We mentioned that earlier , The main function of breathing lamp is to remind and decorate . And the user in the mobile phone information screen state , You can also pass the AOD A glance at time , date , Quantity of electricity , Information notice .

   in addition , some AOD Our design is more and more beautiful , It's not just about time , Function of information prompt , It also played a decorative role to a certain extent . Like Huawei EMUI 11
In 「 Smart information screen 」, When the user looks at the phone ,AOD The deer on the screen will also turn to look at the user , Enhanced interactivity .

   And more and more mobile phones , Start supporting message notification . Such as SMS or wechat , Both sides of the screen will light up , colour , width , Dynamic effects can be customized . This kind of lighting effect is especially suitable for curved screen mobile phones , When both sides light up , Full of sense of Technology .

  ▲ Left is one plus ; On the right is vivo

   Some of the models are also ingeniously designed with music atmosphere lighting effect . such as vivo X60 series , When the music is playing and the screen is locked , There will be visual sound waves on both sides of the screen , Dance with the rhythm of the music .

   These are based on OLED Special functions developed by the screen , Let the breath lamp return in another way , It's a relief to those who love breathing lights .

   actually , The fundamental reason why people miss breathing lights , I don't miss its function and style , But I miss the time when I used to use mobile phones with breathing lights . Maybe I saved a lot of money at that time , I bought my favorite mobile phone , And that phone happens to have a breathing light , So the breathing lamp becomes a carrier , It reposes the emotion and memory of that era .

   As the wheels of technology roll forward , Occasionally stop to review those things that once brought us fresh feeling but now decline , It's a special thing .

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