In spite of all the difficulties , Huawei's new flagship in the first half of each year P50 The series is still coming , And it's going to change a lot , Especially the operating system , Hongmeng OS It's time to take on the big responsibility .

   Twitter whistleblower Yash Raj Chaudhary (@hereYashRaj) It's coming out today P50
A lot of materials in the series , For example, the system will have two versions in parallel , Provide Hongmeng in global market at the same time OS, Android OS, In the Chinese market, there is only Hongmeng OS 2.0.

  P50 The series will have P50,P50 Pro At least two models , Maybe a super large one P50 Pro+, They are all in the middle of the hole , But in different forms :P50 Microsurface ,P50
Pro Hyperboloid ,P50 Pro+ Quadric surface .

   Kirin processor standard 9000, But there may also be kirins 9000E edition , It's like Mate 40 Series .

   The memory is not up to date LPDDR5, But continue to use it LPDDR4X, capacity 6GB,8GB, Storage is UFS 3.0, capacity
128GB,256GB, Of course, there will certainly be a larger version in China .

   Up to five rear cameras , Probability continuation P Series style , Matrix permutation of upper left corner .

   It was released at the end of this spring , Or maybe later .

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