from 2009 Ten fingers have been unable to express their working years , Of course, it's not a matter of pride , Working for a long period of time does not necessarily mean the more powerful you are , But it's true that after working long hours, I'll see some wonderful things that new employees haven't seen , Maybe there have been some thoughts that new employees haven't , Come on , Let's not play the game , Today I want to warn young people , Some minefields in the workplace could have been untouched .

one , Other substances , It's more important to follow people

Too materialistic , Will miss a lot of development opportunities .

I remember when I first worked, my monthly salary was only 1 1500 element , The director is 200 yuan more than us, so I feel envious , I thought to myself “ I wish I could get 200 more , Two hundred more will make you more comfortable ”, It's very simple to think that making more money is a lucky thing , As a result, when I choose to work later, I always choose jobs with high wages to go to work , Especially in the last few years , Not even willing to pay for social security , Just to get more pay ( A few years later, it was found that there was a big loss ), In the long run, it really doesn't matter to make less money , What matters is development opportunities , In order to make a small profit, miss some early wages are not high , A small company growing in the later stage , Is the real sorrow , So don't be too utilitarian when choosing a job , Take a long-term view ,
Choose a potential industry , Choose an magnanimous boss , Long term follow , Plough deep .

two , I have an idea , Boldly mention

quite a lot “ Smarty Pants ” Don't say a word in the workplace , Even when leaders ask themselves some sharp questions, they are all joking , Say something ambiguous , It's the same as not , I feel like I'm protecting myself . yes , You can't find anything wrong with this attitude , But that's why you're nothing . As a company , I hope we can work together , Make the company bigger and stronger together . You must come up with ideas , Otherwise, I'm sorry for the company and myself . You might think “
Good to see the king of hell , It's hard to be a kid , My own ideas may conflict with the little supervisor , If the leaders in charge bear a grudge , I can't do my future work any more ”, It's right to have this idea , But I suggest you look at it from another angle , For example, think about a few questions “
Are you going to be a loser for the rest of your life ? You don't have a chance to go on like this ”,“ Can't you find a job if you lose it ? If it doesn't affect at all , What are you afraid of ?”,“ Are all your ideas helpful to the company ?
If it is determined that it is beneficial and harmless , So, if you don't mention it, can you afford the salary you get every month ?”,OK, If you have an idea, speak it out , But you have to be careful when it comes to gossip that has nothing to do with your work !

three , Don't fool with your work

Fooling work , Is to destroy yourself , Only by working hard can technology be precipitated , Precipitation technology is the key to the lifelong growth of code farmers .

It's hard to assess the quality of a programmer's work , Basically, to achieve the system function as the assessment standard , If there is no professional test team , Code quality and performance are difficult to control , So it depends on developers' self-consciousness . The difficulty of examination has brought up a lot of workplace bastards , be commonly called “ get some soy sauce ”, These people seem to work less and get the same pay , But it lost the precious time of technology accumulation , Time goes by year by year , When the whole market needs more professional answers , It must be too much , So don't fool with your work , Otherwise, you will ruin your own future .

four , Have a second career

If one day work mercilessly abandoned you , We should have the ability to know everything about life .

Don't think it's great to have a high salary , The market is changing , Your age is changing, too , Always ask yourself a question “ If your industry doesn't exist , Can you live better than now ?
” So when someone introduces you to a project , Don't be in a hurry to refuse , First understand in detail and then consider carefully , Maybe it's the second spring of your career !

five , The more professional certificates, the better

Don't believe it “ The certificate is useless , It all depends on strength ”
, This bullshit is all poison . The knowledge used in the research book is not necessarily practical in practical work , But it can train your way of thinking , You will think more than others , Isn't the gap between people opened bit by bit ?
If you have time, you can do some research , Stop fooling around on the Internet .

six , All while young

Youth is the biggest capital .

As long as they can carry the risk index , Do what you can , Don't look forward and backward , Because you have more opportunities to start all over again , It's just trial and error , To get out of the circle . All while young , Now is the time .

seven , Accumulate vertical network

Hide your personality in interpersonal communication . Everyone is an independent individual , Everyone has his own personality . After every group activity , Get the group photos , I believe that all people are looking for their own figures in the photos , I don't care what other people look like , It's human instinct , The more instinctive the reaction is, the more conditioned it is , But we are human beings , To avoid these basic physiological reactions , We should pay more attention to the feelings of others , That's the only way , No matter what environment we are in , Can form a benign circle of communication . How important is the circle ? Let's say you go to the vegetable market to sell jewelry and jadeite , Do you think you can sell it ? You go to the farm and ask how to make rocket cannons , Do you think there will be results ? There is no distinction between high and low industries , But if you want to develop in any industry, you have to have a vertical circle of contacts in any industry , For example, in IT Circle development , Meet Liu Jinyu , At least one more sincere vertical network .

eight , keep healthy

There is nothing worth paying for your health .

Loss of health , You will have nothing . Health here means more than just physical health , And mental health , mental health ......

nine , believe oneself

What is lacking in the world is trust , To gain the trust of others is one's most precious wealth , But it's not enough , Only to gain the trust in your heart , Is the core of invincibility , I believe I can do it !


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