Happy New Year , perishing 2020 We got through it .

   Although it's just entering the new year , But many people still have a question in mind :2020 Is it the worst year mankind has ever had ?

   Even in the last few days of last year ,  Foreign netizens also brush up 「2020 Worst year 」 The topic of .

   During the year , Our lives are really terrible , Australian wildfires , Locusts threaten food production in Africa , Epidemic diseases are rampant all over the world , Thousands of people lost their lives . At the same time, the epidemic is not only threatening health , It's also affecting our income , life style , Travel Entertainment , Even bring psychological pressure and other problems .

   Fortunately , We survived in the end 2020, Vaccines are on the way .

   But when it comes to 「 The worst 」 It's been a good year , Looking at the long history ,2020 Maybe it's just a little brother .

   And in the eyes of some scientists , The worst year for mankind , yes 536 year .

   The idea comes from historians and archaeologists Michael McCormick A team of scientists leading the team , They published the study two years ago .

   also 536 It was widely discussed on the Internet in , Because at that time, many people thought that ,2018 That's the hardest part .

   therefore , Live in 536 What have people been through for years ?

   It is reported that , A heavy fog hit Europe , Middle East and parts of Asia , That may not sound like a big deal , But the fog blocked the sun , As a result, many areas have been trapped in a long-term crisis 「 dark 」, For as long as 18
Three months .

   In the eyes of the people at that time , The sun seems to have gone out , There's no fire , Retired .

   According to Byzantine historians 「 The sun is as dark as the moon all year 」, Said Casio Doros, a Roman politician 「 Even at noon , People don't see themselves 」,「 The sun seems to be blue 」,「 The seasons seem to mix 」.

   This kind of picture , It's hard not to think of movies 《 dense fog 》.

   There is no sunshine , A series of temperature changes began to bring unimaginable disaster to people .
Crops cannot grow healthily in the absence of sunlight , And the temperature is getting lower , It is reported that , At that time, there was snow in summer in China , Even mankind has ushered in the past 2000 The coldest decade in years .

   In this case , A massive crop failure , Famine is inevitable , The history of Ireland will be recorded 536-539 It is called 「Failure of bread」.

   meanwhile , Humans are not immune to the epidemic , Fighting also happens from time to time .

   For example, in 541 year , Justinian plague outbreak , This is a plague , It is also the most famous epidemic disease outbreak in the world , It has caused tens of millions of deaths .

   Except for Eurasian civilization , The Moche culture of Peru in South America is also affected by climate . They used to live on fishing and irrigation , But in the abnormal climate at that time , The seawater temperature is too high , It leads to the decrease of fish , The floods also damaged irrigation channels .

   Speaking of it , Nature may not need complicated means to exterminate human beings , No food + disease , Is the most direct and effective way .

   therefore , archaeologist Michael McCormick think ,「 even if 536 Not the worst year , And the beginning of the worst of times 」.

   that , How did this abnormal climate start ? At present, it is speculated that , The eruption was caused by a volcano .

   The team analyzed a sample taken from Switzerland 72 Meters long ice core , among 「 deposit 」 means 2000 Years of micro historical information .

   The ice core here refers to samples taken from ice sheets or alpine glaciers . In Permafrost , Ice is often formed by the annual increase of snow layer by layer , such , The lower ice is older than the upper one . The ice core contains ice formed over many years . By detecting the elements in it , Can be explored thousands of years ago , Different years , Climate change in recent years .

   But in research 536 Sample time in spring of , Researchers found traces of volcanic eruptions from Iceland , It also found that 540 Year and 547 Evidence of two volcanic eruptions in 2000 .

   This seems to correspond to previous studies , For example, a geographer at Queen's University in Belfast Mike Baillie Analysis shows that , Where are the oak trees in Ireland 536
The annual growth is unusually slow , After some recovery , here we are 542 The annual growth rate dropped sharply again . Some people think that this represents the temperature problem during this period , Below normal .

   therefore , It's not hard to guess , stay 536 At the beginning of the year , A powerful volcanic eruption in Iceland sent ash into the sky , And then under the operation of the weather system , The eruption passed through Europe , Entering Asia , Cast a shadow on the human civilization at that time .

   High in the sky at the same time , Particles from the volcano form a dust curtain , The shade reflects the sunlight .

   After that, there were two large-scale volcanic eruptions on the earth , The plague is coming , Human beings put on the mask of pain collectively . The follow-up environmental changes will bring about adverse effects , Last until about 660 year -680
year , That is nearly a hundred years later , The human condition has been restored .

   In that era, imagine , Science and technology of human society at that time , Backward civilization , There is no water system , No electricity , There is no net , The health system is worse , No food and infectious diseases , I don't have to play with my cell phone , Not even in the sun . It's hard to imagine , How to survive in the past .

   But no matter how bad it is , It's all related to 2020 equally , It has become history , Survived by a strong human .

   and , If you stretch your eyes to tens of millions , Even billions of years ago , Compared with the real disaster , These so-called 「 The worst year 」 It may not seem so terrible and invincible .

   therefore , We can be optimistic , The most difficult times , It has long been passed by human beings , And with the development of science and technology and technological progress , We will solve all the problems that we had .

   last , Wish you all again , happy new year , It's bound to get rich .

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