12 month 22 day ,《 Global blockchain investment institutions Summit 》 Opening ceremony in Sanya , Invite industry experts , Investment institutions and elites from all walks of life explore blockchain technology applications and investment opportunities together , Looking forward to the development trend of blockchain industry . The summit released 《2020 Research Report on the development and investment trend of blockchain industry in 》, The report outlines the panorama of the blockchain industry : There are many application fields , Good prospects for development , The scale of the industry is developing rapidly , Step into 3.0 times .

review 2020, What are the characteristics of blockchain industry “ new ”

In this conference ,CyberVein Co founders & Global ambassador Jack It is emphasized that the main feature of this year's blockchain market is “ new ”, It is reflected in four aspects : Bitcoin prices hit new highs , Investing in new power ( Admission of overseas traditional institutions ), New technology exploration ( Cross chain and Layer
2 etc. ), New balance in the development of East West blockchain . in addition , After three years of development, the public chain , Also began to move towards the industrial landing stage . and CyberVein In addition to conforming to the general trend and building a smart city , It also launched a brand new PoC Contribution proof mechanism and first big data support NFT platform CROSS.

On the theme of 《 Take advantage of blockchain
Traditional industries set sail 》 In the first round of the round table forum ,BSN He Yifan, executive director of the development alliance, said :“ Domestic blockchain is dominated by the government , Public chain projects develop slowly relying on free ecological income .” This is related to CyberVein R & D track ,Jack stay DAVE It was mentioned in the keynote speech : Public chain project after several years of baptism , Gradually in safety , Balance between decentralization and scalability , From the beginning BTC and ETH
1.0 The expendability of network , reach EOS and Cardano The sacrifice of decentralization , reach Cosmos and Ark Sacrificing part of security ,ETH
2.0,Polkadot as well as CyberVein Gradually towards the three terminal balance .

CyberVein With alliance chain “ Break the circle ”, Cooperate with big data enterprises to form an alliance , Traditional Internet industry , Big data owners have promoted very practical cooperation . Embrace the government's development policy , Real realization of industrial landing , And get positive cash flow . what's more , Let the emerging industry of blockchain be accessed and cooperated by the Internet .

in addition , Lu Yifan, general manager of financial one account blockchain business department, said :“ The underlying logic of blockchain development should consider data security , We should be steadfast and concentrate on learning new technology , For example, federal learning , Otherwise, the project is still pieced together and useless , It's just a database .”

Jack Also in DAVE This question is also answered in the topic :“ Blockchain technology should play a role , Cross department , Cross domain is the key . however , At present, the problem is that it is difficult to get through various departments , Barriers between enterprises . If participants are not willing to share data , Blockchain has no source of data , formation “ data silos ”. Limited by the current Internet of things technology ( The speed of data generation and data exchange is unbalanced ), Information barrier and physical on the chain are two major challenges that affect the actual industrial landing of blockchain technology . When the acceleration of human society's evolution enters the era of technology dominating the market and moral remolding , Big data is the most important means of production . Cloud computing and artificial intelligence are productive forces , The blockchain is the relationship of production , Digital currency is the catalyst of all these changes .”

indeed , No good engine can be made without good steel , You can't make a good mobile phone without a good chip , No good means of production , No matter how good the productivity is , No matter how advanced the relations of production are, there is no way to develop them . The same is true in the field of blockchain , There is no powerful data trust mechanism , No more efficient and productive , Blockchain can't really break through the real “ new ”.

DAVE: From code trustworthiness to data trustworthiness

Jack As the first guest speaker of this summit , conduct 《DAVE: From code trustworthiness to data trustworthiness 》 lecture on a special topic , It was highly recognized by the audience . In this link , He mentioned CyberVein use PoC Created a data trusted mechanism , Make data a high quality factor of production ; meanwhile , use CROSS Turning data elements into assets , Brought the development of blockchain “ new ”. Here's the new one , Also in the database function upgrade , Make data collectable , Available , Negotiable , Trainable .

(1)PoC Consensus helps DAVE Data trustworthiness

CyberVein Self developed PoC Contribution proof mechanism has been applied from theory to practice , adopt DAVE utilize PoC Evaluation data and database CyberVein Ecological contribution , Building big data interconnection solutions . The main cases are PoC Apply in PISR In the database , Each data processing action is recorded as “ contribution ”. such as ,AI Training model , metadata , Big data sets and other resources , All uploaded by big data providers to PISR Database for resource quality evaluation , So as to get the corresponding reward .

In such an ecology ,PoC Consensus mechanism helps DAVE Data trustworthiness , All big data are transformed into knowledge and models that can be deeply shared , It can protect the intellectual property rights of data producers and data contributors , It can also provide effective decision support for global big data demanders , Benefit more industries .

(2)DAVE adopt CROSS Realize data capitalization

Jack Also expressed : after CyberVein The processed data will be traded in two forms , Traditional data transaction can be directly in DAVE Completed on ; Want to further convert data into NFT Types of financial assets , It needs to be supported by big data NFT Issuing and trading platform CROSS Completed on , Make the value of digital assets diversified and long-term development .CROSS On 12 month 21 Japan officially became the first one to settle in the fire coin ecological chain Heco Our platform .CROSS Its own data input and output NFT Types are mainly divided into data financial derivatives (defi, Insurance ), Data computing power ( Training model ), Encrypted artwork , Traceability certificate .CROSS Will be in 2021 It was announced in the first quarter of 2001 CROSS Technical partners and entry institutions of , Including the world-renowned 30 Famous artists ,15 A gallery , Well known film and television institutions in China, Japan and South Korea .

CyberVein Embrace the next wave of innovation

this year , Blockchain has made new progress in the field of scalability , For example, Ethereum slowly found a relatively balanced position in this balance , Don't over pursue a point , It's the same CyberVein What are you doing —— At the level of big data, data is trustworthy , data security , The balance of data interaction .CyberVein At present, we have built a trusted database based on blockchain , And United Chainlink Prophecy machine ( It's not just about the oracle Defi, It is also a bridge between offline data and online communication ) Cooperate with many Internet of things and artificial intelligence organizations , Realize real data interconnection , Let big data ecology flourish .

last , use Jack On the theme of 《 The past of blockchain circle , The present and the future 》 The end of the wonderful ideas in the round table forum of —— The public chain market pattern has been basically determined , Most projects are still looking for a balance in the Impossible Triangle . in fact , Impossible Triangle problem can't be solved completely . however , This does not mean that there is no prospect for public chain projects , They can still develop by other means .

CyberVein Will be on top of data , Welcome the grand road of public chain .

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