It started last year , I don't know what's going on , I began to miss my former student life , Although my student life is full of swords and swords ( Mainly because I go out and hit people , Go home, my mom taught me ) And regret , But I still miss it . Miss the University Laboratory , Boiled fish in University , High school life on the court , From high school “ Gangster ” Students ……. People really don't want to grow up !!!2 A few days ago, I was introduced to Renren online by my former college classmates . I'm sorry to say that , At least I'm one, too IT Practitioners , And it's the Internet , I didn't know Renren before . cough , too fucking It's out of date .

   Since they are Internet practitioners , We should look at Renren from the perspective of a technician . Renren is the former campus network , Organizing student union should be their main mode before ?( No research , Guess ) Now with the shopping aunt all know “ Stealing vegetables ” The prevalence of , There should be this too SNS Operation of games . But for now , Renren's greatest help may be the student union ? At least the first thing on is to search how many students there are , hey .

   From a technical point of view , I searched the structure of Renren on the Internet , The writing is more implicit , There is no official architecture document . In fact, this is quite normal in China . But from the information we found , its PV It is estimated that it should be at the level of ten million . Renren is a website built by open source software ,Web It should be used in the background java Of web frame struct bar ?! Not too fast anyway , Click once, sometimes it takes a long time to respond , This Renren network is not very good !

   Such a big site , So much traffic and concurrency ,memcached and nosql It's inevitable that there will be a new database , These should also have been added to the architecture of Renren . Just from the reaction of the page , This part of the resistance DB The pressure and user experience are not obvious . Of course, this may not be the cause of caching , Load balancing in front end , Reverse proxy , geographical position , Internet service providers and so on will make you suffer a little bit in the case of deviation , So this is normal .

   For Renren DFS Actually, I'm quite interested , Because I happened to be doing this part some time ago . According to the site properties of Renren , Small pictures should be a headache for Renren , be large in quantity , Unsustainable growth , Concurrency and other high requirements must be tossed a lot of people network architecture department staff days . However, from the situation of the page , It's a good deal , At least there's not much delay in loading or “ Red fork ” What happened . What makes me feel the best should be DFS This one's gone .

   Read the article on the Internet and say Renren has used it ICE This is an open source framework , Actually, I'm quite interested in this framework , It's just that this framework seems to use c++ Developed , I am more helpless . I'm disgusted c++ Who's the best , But I also took a look c++ And programming ideas , To sum up :c++ It's a school with the status of main house , Mistress treatment , The language of wild flower temptation !!! Especially in the domestic environment ……, Silent or writing c bar !

   In terms of user experience , And in this Internet business are doing UED The times and the world , Renren has done a good job , But in some ways it is not very satisfactory , For example, pop up the friends list box ,“ View friends home page ” It can't be displayed until you move the mouse over a friend's picture , This kind of function is quite simple ……. I don't know about them UED What do people in the Department think ? Let the user do one action to complete the thing, do not become two actions to complete . And there is no paged list in this pop-up , If only you could add a friend list function to the pop-up friend list box . This is only one step, not the second . So these little details are very important to me “ Employees ” For me, it's very important , A special antipathy .

   In general , It's not clear how many people Renren has , It's good to see Renren. Com do this now . As an Internet practitioner, it seems unfair to treat Renren in this way . Fortunately, Renren and I belong to the Internet industry , But it's different by category , There is no essential conflict of interest . I do e-commerce , So there is no suspicion of looking down or shelling , Besides, even if I want to look down or bombard, I don't have this reputation , hey . So the above represents an Internet practitioner's opinion after playing Renren for two days .

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