It took half a month ,“ Taobao ugly things competition ” Collection and selection come to an end .

   last night , The awards ceremony was held online in the form of live broadcast , Taobao is selected by netizens 5
individual “ Ugly thing ” The trophies were presented separately : Tiger Mountain pantyhose , Crazy alien doll , Green fish head cover , Long leg kites and wool felt in the buyer's show .

   Poster of Taobao ugly things award ceremony

   Ugliness Award Trophy

   Taobao products “ Tiger Mountain pantyhose ”

   among ,“ Tiger Mountain pantyhose ” The designer of “ Princess Butterfly ” At the same time, he is also the manager of Taobao shop , She uses the color of red and green , Add the beauty of the landscape and the boldness of the tiger together , Break through the style of traditional pantyhose .

   When I learned that in Taobao “ Ugly thing ” Won in the competition “ Ugliness and taste alike ” When it comes to Awards , The designer said :“ This activity is in a relaxed and humorous way , This paper discusses the complex and thought-provoking issue of beauty and ugliness , It makes sense .”

   Mr. Meng, the designer of the long leg kite, is from Weifang, Shandong Province, the birthplace of kites in the world . He designed it 3D The three-dimensional kite has obtained the design patent certificate of the State Intellectual Property Office .

   On Taobao “ Ugly thing ” Awarding , Mr. Meng said with pride :“ Our kite looks a little ugly , But ugliness has its own characteristics and personality . use 3D
Three dimensional design , The kite is blown up by the action of wind , More special after flying ”.

   Live broadcast of Taobao ugly things award ceremony -3D Award winning long leg kite

   Online fire this year “ Green fish head cover ” And it's got “ Better than ugly ” prize . I'm giving it to you “ Green fish head cover ” At the awards , There are many netizens in Taobao live comments area message said :“ I also have this headgear !”.

   in addition , Crazy alien doll also won the vote of netizens “ A reputation for ugliness ” prize . Douban “ Ugliness Society ” The group's netizens left a message in the live room : This is the first one selected by our group !

   Live broadcast of Taobao ugly things award ceremony - Green fish Award

   It is worth mentioning that , this year “ Ugly thing ” The heaviest award in the competition “ It's ugly ” prize , To all the buyers of wool felt .

   TaoBao “ Ugly thing ” The project team believes that , Beautiful wool felt , but 1000 A buyer can make a decision 1000
A piece of wool felt , They are various and have their own characteristics , It's not as professional as it is “ beautiful ”, But that's it “ clumsy ” Creative ideas , Let the wool felt known as countless netizens “ Source of happiness ”.

   The winner of the ugly prize - Buyers of wool felt

   Qi Yudong, Dean of the school of economics and business administration of Beijing Normal University, said , Launched by Taobao “ Ugly thing ” The selection is a very creative activity , Its original intention may be to encourage innovation and creation of businesses . There are many in reality “ Ugly thing ” It's like fighting with dreams “ ugly duckling ” equally , You can also win respect .

  “ Ugly thing ” It's just a matter of appearance and form “ ugly ”, Core and quality “ Spiritual beauty ” That's the key , therefore , For the elected “ Ugly thing ”, Businessmen should have the courage to step on the podium , Show a different self-worth .

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